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he does but he is actually a woman.

until his operation.

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Has Adele got brown hair or ginger?

She has auburn and brown hair, but she is not a ginger.

Is miley cyruses hair ginger?

No...Miley Cyruses hair is not ginger! It is brown. =-)

You have brown hair and brown eyes as does your partner your dad is ginger will you have a ginger baby?

maybe!! i have ginger hair my mam has brown and my dad black! but my great aunt had strawberry blonde which i have! i love it !

If female has dark brown hair and male has ginger will the baby be ginger?

My son has red hair and his wife has dark brown. Both of their kids have very light brown hair with a reddish cast to it.

What colour hair will your baby be if both parents have ginger hair?

ginger, as ginger people only have ginger genes, if they had a single brown gene, they would be brunettes.

Is Judy garland ginger?

No she had medium brown hair

Does dyed brown hair go ginger in the sun?

It actually kinda does!! I had light blonde hair, then i died it brown. Now the browns fading out and it looks kinda ginger. The sun will lighten it a little but there is no way it will lighten it to ginger.

What color will the babys hair be if the parents have brown hair?

Well, If both parents and grandparents have brown hair, The babies hair will be brown, If a grandparent had a recessive gene colour (EG Ginger) The child has a chance of being ginger, If one parent, has brown, the other, another colour, It depends which has a dominant gene.

If a mother has blonde hair and a father has brown hair what color hair will the child have.?

It possibley might have blond or brown because i have blond hair and my brother has brown hair. Ginger hair. My friend has a blonde mom and a Brown hair dad. And she is orange

What are the different hair colors in animal crossing?

When you start you can have: pink, light brown, dark brown and ginger. When you have the hairdressers: white, blonde, ginger, light brown, dark brown, green and blue.

What colour is Adele's hair?

Auburn. Almost brown. Bot NOT ginger.

What color hair did Winston Churchill have?

he had red hair then became bald not dark brown but ginger

I have ginger hair and the brown hair dye i want says only use on light brown to dark brown hair why can't I use it?

Because if you apply it to your hair it might not come out the color you want it to.

What Hair colour is best for ginger hair?

Brown Hair make it light brown hair it will suite every Ginger hair Trust me :) u Wont belive me now but try it will sure help :) Hey Wait wait wait wait. I have red hair. Dark Brown. Take it from a Red head Not a person who doesn't. says Ndo0fu82hn34

Is Colin Morgan ginger?

No, he isn't. He has dark brown hair and bleu-brown eyes. ♥ Lexii

What colour hair has Adele got?

Auburn. Almost brown. Bot NOT ginger.

What is Bert McCracken's natural hair color?

Bert McCracken's natural hair colour is a ginger-brown colour When he dyed his hair platinum blonde, it made his natural hair color look darker, but his natural hair color is dirty blond, light brown. In some photos it looks ginger.

Female has dark brown hair and male has ginger will baby be ginger?

Most likely, no, the baby will not be a ginger because the "ginger gene" is recessive and non-dominant which means that it skips generations and then might not even show because say, brown hair, in a dominant gene. I am sorry to say that no, the baby will not be a ginger. (in 150 yrs. they will be extinct you know) Signed, Crazy Ginger Girl :D

Is ginger hair wrong?

No, of course ginger hair is not wrong. Ginger hair is normal.

Meaning of the pretty blonde one?

girls who are ginger or have brown hair or have black hair are better than girls with blonde hair

Did Kellan Lutz dye his hair?

He is a natural ginger;) but he looks sexier with dark brown hair, so he dyes it.

When was Wes Brown born?

Wes Brown was born on October 13, 1979.

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