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I have never head this story, and found no reports of this incident happening during the 1924 World Series.

There was an incident that involved a player named Fred Merkle that played for the New York Giants which cost the Giants a critical victory and it made possible for the Cubs to clinch the pennant when the game was replayed at the end of the season.

The confusion started when Merkle, the runner on first, failed to touch second after an apparent game-winning base hit. Instead, he turned back toward the dugout, as was customary at the time, when he saw the run cross the plate. As the happy Polo Grounds crowd filed across the field towards the centerfield gate, second baseman Johnny Evers got the ball and stepped on second, claiming a forceout which negated the winning run. With the fans already crowding the field, the game could not be played to a decision, and had to be replayed.

This incident is featured by Ken Burns in his great documentary called "Baseball." A must see for every baseball fan. -Steven KeyMan.

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Q: Does anyone remember hearing a story about a runner in the 1924 World Series being called out at home for missing first base?
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