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I think it does because of the fact that Basketball is more popular than Baseball.

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Where can one get free college basketball tickets?

The best place to get free college basketball tickets would be on the respective college's websites. Although it is unlikely that one will get free tickets to the more important games, the colleges will offer people free tickets for the games that don't sell out. StubHub is website dedicated to selling tickets to college basketball games with occasional free tickets being offered.

What range of sports tickets are sold by Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster is the most popular place to go for any kind of sporting and entertainment tickets. They sell tickets for baseball, football, basketball, and golf events, just to name a few.

What kind of events does Razorgator sell tickets to?

Razorgator sells tickets to sports including boxing, college basketball, college football, horse racing, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, PGA golf, and tennis.

Is it legal for baseball teams to directly dump or sell tickets on Stub hub even if the tickets are in high demand?

Clubs can do what they want, the tickets are theirs to sell or dump as they like. Whether they should is a moral issue.

What does the store Big Ten basketball sell?

The store Big Ten basketball sells basketball tickets for the Big Ten tournament. This site also shows the person stats on the sports played by the Big Ten.

Where can Indiana Pacers tickets be purchased?

Tickets to basketball games where the Indiana Pacers are playing can be purchased directly from the official website of the NBA. Ticketing companies such as Ticketmaster do also sell tickets. One can also directly purchase tickets from others via StubHub.

Who pays basketball players and what company or business?

The team that they play on. they get the money from the tickets they sell and the apperal they sell and some players have sponsers like cp3 has a sponser ship with jordan

Did avatar or new moon sell more tickets?

avatar sold more tickets by alot i think as avatar outsold the titanic and was named the movie that sold the most tickets (something like that)

Where can one buy and sell Major League Baseball tickets?

There are a variety of options if one wishes to buy or sell MLB tickets. Options such as classified ads, Kijiji or Craigslist offer this option but the best option available is the website called StubHub where one can either purchase or sell MLB tickets.

Can I sell my football tickets online?

You can sell your tickets at a site like stubhub.com. Be aware that this often violates the contract you entered into when buying the tickets.

How many tickets are allowed to an opposing team?

Sports teams sell tickets to everyone no matter what team they like. They sell tickets for all the open seats. Some seats they can not sell because people may have season tickets, but that is a different story! So there is no number on how many tickets you can sell to the opposing team!

How do you sell tickets in Roblox?

You cannot sell tickets in Roblox, you can only earn, spend them or trade them for Robux.

What are some creative ways to sell event tickets?

some creative ways to sell event tickets is to make the tickets based on that specific event.

How much do Phillies tickets sell for?

Ticket prices can vary but the range is anywhere from $0 - $45 for basic tickets. Playoff tickets will cost more but are usually based on location of game.

Is StubHub presently selling Metallica tickets?

"They normally do sell Metallica tickets but right now Metallica just ended their summer tour, so unfortunately there are no more tickets to be purchased."

How do you sell pawn tickets?

How do I sell a pawn ticket

How would you sell basketball card?

you can sell a basketball card on eBay or cregslist if not you mat sell it at a garage sale.

Is there any more Miley Cyrus concert tickets still available?

Probably not I heard that her tickets sell out in under 10 minutes which is crazy. Sorry! )-:

Where can one purchase Philadelphia Flyers tickets?

Philadelphia Flyers tickets are available from many different websites that sell tickets. Some examples of websites that sell tickets include StubHub and Excite.

Can you sell tickets for more than face value on the NFL ticket exchange?

"The NFL ticket exchange is a great option for finding tickets to your favorite football event. Tickets can and most of the time do exceed the face value of the tickets. There is such a demand for some team's tickets that the price can be $1,000 or more depending on the game."

Can you purchase concert tickets at boscovs?

Does boscovs sell concert tickets

What is a good website to sell charity event raffle tickets online?

You can go on eBay. There you will be able to sell the raffle tickets or even auction them off. Sites like Stubhub will not let you sell raffle tickets.

How can someone purchase tickets to see Paramore?

There are many places that sell tickets to see the Paramore. Empire tickets, the ticket master, online seats, and tickets now are just a few among many places that sell such tickets as the Paramore.

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