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No way to tell.

Short of lipsuction, there's no way to target fat loss. Fat loss is like draining a pool, the level will drop a Little all over regardless of where you Stick the pump hose in.

If you ride hard enough and long enough to lose fat all over, then you'll lose some from the belly too.

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What the best exercise to reduce stomach fat?

The best exercise to reduce your stomach fat with is crunches. If you do them until you feel the burning sensation in your stomachm, you will not only burn fat but you will also build muscle in your abs.

How do burn fat on your stomach and waist?

You can burn fat on your stomach and waist by doing cardio exercises for example Running,Bicycling, Elliptical Training, Swimming,Rock Climbing, and Walking. Its also important to eat healthy.

Good fruits to reduce fat?

I want to remove my fatty stomach?

Does sucking in your stomach reduce fat?

No, it does not. However, sucking or holding in your stomach with your abs while you workout force your muscles to work harder and burn more fat

Can a heating pad reduce stomach fat?

I believe that it can. I tried I-lipo and all that is is heat pressure on the stomach to break up the internal fat. The heat pad can help promote sweating and that also reduces belly fat.

How do you be thin from being fat?

Move more, eat less or reduce stomach size surgically.

Does walking help reduce the stomach fat?

Any sort of cardiovascular exercise combined with a proper diet will lead to a caloric deficit that can cause an overall reduction in body fat, some of which will be on the stomach.

What are some exercises that will help reduce fat in the stomach area?

If you want to reduce the fat in your stomach area, then you will want to do sit-ups. Sit-ups help to focus the workout directly to your mid-size area. Keep this up for a couple of months, and you will have a six-pack.

Is drinking hot water reduce the fat from the body?

No. By the time it gets to your stomach it's cooled off.

Will running reduce belly fat?

Running can help to reduce body fat all over as well as on the stomach. For more information about cardio exercise and belly fat, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

Does lemon water burn fat in stomach?

Yes, Lemon Helps Reducing Fat Contents From Your Body...... But A Lot Of Lemons Juice Can Reduce Calcium From Your Body.

Can you lose fat bicycling and swimming?

yes you burn a lot of calories

Does drinking hot water help lose the fat in your stomach?

Actually if calorie,sodas beer and hot drinks are replaced by hot water it can help reduce excess fats from the stomach

Which chemical substance can reduce the acid in your stomach?

Gastric acid would reduce the acid in the stomach! :)) ('.') == ==

What is the health benefit of python fat?

there is actually poison inside the fat which can reduce the amount of food that turns into fat. this substance is not dangerous for the human body however if eaten to much it will slowly eat through the stomach lining and go into the blood stream. the healthy maximum is 2.5 grams this much python fat will reduce 5kg a week

How do antacids neutralize stomach acid?

Well actually they reduce stomach acid and it raises the pH to reduce the acidity in the stomach. It also relieves heartburn.

How can you reduce the amount of fat you eat?

We can reduce the amount of fat by following healthy diet tips and by doing exercises. Cardio is good choice to reduce our excess fat.

How do you reduce fat content?

One great way to reduce fat content in your cooking is to use non-fat milk.

How can I reduce my stomach fat after a c-section?

Allow it to come off naturally. Why should you worry about looking like a mother? Mothers are awesome!

Where online can I find out about reducing stomach fat?

Two very good sites may be helpful. The Mayo Clinic tells you why it is dangerous for men and to how reduce it. The URL is: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/belly-fat/MC00054. Another reputable is is WebMD. This site offers specific ways to reduce belly fat. The URL is:http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/the-truth-about-belly-fat.

Are there any Exercises to reduce facial fat?

There are no exercises specific to reduce facial fat.Running and swimming is the best option to reduce your overall body fat that also includes your facial fat.

What exercise should be performed if the primary goal is to lose stored fat?

Cardiovascular exercise burns the most fat. Bicycling is a good example, as is running.

How many crunches do you need to do to lose 8 ounces of belly fat?

There is no such thing as spot reduction. You cannot reduce fat only in your abdomen by doing crunches. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. You must lose total body fat to have less fat in your stomach, so burn more calories than you're taking in. Crunches help burn some calories, and help define your stomach muscles, but will not burn fat just in that area.

How to reduce the stomach?

There is no way to reduce fat from any one area of the body alone. This type of "Spot Reduction" is a myth. Your body loses fat from all areas of the body equally. Doing abdominal exercises will firm and tone up the muscle under the fat, but has no direct effect on the fat itself. General weight loss is the ONLY way to lose weight from any area of the body.

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