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offense wins battles, defense wins games


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yes it helps ALOT, because when you have a great strong defense the other teams offense will have a much harder time scoring, so yes it does win championships

you should have a powerful defense and a good offense. score lots of goals and you should do ok

The defense's main responsibility is to keep the offense from scoring points. The fewer points the other team scores, the better chance you have to win.

All three are equally important. It only takes one play to change the makeup of a game, to score the points that eventually win the game, or give up the points that eventually lose the game. Since the offense and defense play more than the special teams it could be said that offense and defense are more important because they have more chances to make plays that determine the outcome of the game. But one need think no further than Devin Hester to realize that special teams can influence the outcome of a game just as much as the offense and defense.

patriots would win because they have a stronger defense and offense.Even though the steelers have James farrior the patriots defense is still remarkable because of Richard seymor. there offense is better because of tom brady and randy moss

klein,they have a shut down defense,,i should know i play for them.(eric rowe) :-)

That is generally not the case. The best offense will usually win many games and get you to the playoffs, but the best defense always proves to win championships. Thus, the Boston Celtics have won while the Phoenix Suns have not.

The offense in football try's to run plays and gain yards to make it all the way down the field to score points to win the game. At the end of the game if you have more points then your opponent you win the game. The main way is to get a touchdown by making it in the endzone for 6 points plus the extra point which is 1 or you can settle for a field goal worth 3 points.

You win the game. You win levels, beat bosses. NO offense but that was a stupid question

The general consensus seems to favor the Panthers. They have an offense which can overcome the Broncos defense, and the Broncos defense hasn't been all that hot this year.

To win every game all you have to do is save the game and then play a match. If you win carry on and do the same again but if you lose restart the game until you win. HOPE THIS HELPS

So you can read the game and have good tactics. to win the game

I would say sence they said a football game rerun do count.

The fans wondered when their football team would win their first game .

No, you do not win any money. You would only win if you bet on the tie.


Although the Raiders have been shaping up, beating the Chiefs in their last game, Mike Tomlin's Steelers defense will be all over the Raiders offense, keeping them off the field. Steelers will win. On November 21, 2010, the Steelers defeated the Raiders 35-3.

They will need to find a consistent closer in the bullpen and stay away from injuries to their top starting pitchers. They have the offense and defense to compete.

At the end of Clash of the titans they win their football game and they stop being racist to each other. They stop racism to each other and they work as a team to win the football game!

was a RB for a college team and was drafted by the browns in the 1sd round Davis was also great on defense for football (at the time you palyed offense and defense) and was great in bball a few days/week's/maybe a month after being drafted ernie Davis was diagnosed with leukemia (a form of cancer) and died of it after a few month's and unfortuanately never got to play pro football for the brown's he was also the first African-American to win the heisman trophy He was famous for being the first African American to win the heisman trophy

Black Panther because: his suit is made for offense and defense, his vibranium is stronger than anything Batman has, he has superhuman strength, speed, and stamina.

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