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He has a dog called Cloe

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Does cesc fabregas have any bros or sis?

he has no bothers but he has a younger sister called carlota fabregas.

What does fabregas hate?

Not losing in any matches

Does cesc fabregas have any children?

Yes, he has a daughter, Lia.

Did cesc fabregas have any sisters or brothers?

Yes a sister

Did fabregas score any goals in the euro?

Yes he did score.

What is fabregas last name?

Francesc Fabregas Soler

Which footballer is better nani or fabregas?

Nani has more skills but Fabregas has higher attribute ratings. The answer is probably Fabregas!

What is fabregas real name?

His real name is Francesc Fabregas!!!

Does Fabregas have a girlfriend?

Yes, Fabregas does have a girlfriend and her name is Carla.

Who is carla fabregas?

she is the long time girlfriend of cesc fabregas

When was Tomás Fabregas born?

Tomás Fabregas was born in 1958.

When did Tomás Fabregas die?

Tomás Fabregas died in 1994.

How tall is Jaime Fabregas?

Jaime Fabregas is 5' 8".

Who is cesc fabregas family?

Francesc Fabregas Sr (father) Nuria Soler (mother) Carlota Fabregas Soler (sister)

Did Georgia O'Keeffe have any pets?

no she did not have any pets.

Did Walt Disney any pets?

No,he did not have any pets.

Did Lemony Snicket have any Pets?

no he does not have any pets

Who was the first footballer to score 100 premiership goals?

fabregas fabregas

Who is the better captain out of Ryan giggs or cesc fabregas?

Cesc Fabregas

Does Fabregas live in a flat or house?

Cesc Fabregas lives in a house.

What is Cesc Fabregas religion?

Cesc Fabregas is a Spaniard so he is a catholic.

Did cortez have any pets?

Who had any pets?st Lucia people have pets but that onley if they are rich

Does Zeus have any pets?

No! Zeus does not have any pets and he never will.

Does Eli Whitney have any pets?

No, he doesent have any pets.

Does Jeff Kinney have any pets?