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yes Matt and Jeff hardy is here brothers and Kelly Kelly is her sister.

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What is mickie James full name?

mickie laree James or mickie James laree

Does Mickie James have children?

No, Mickie James does not have children.

Who Is Mickie James Dating?

Mickie James is single

Mickie James a lesbian?

Mickie james is not lesbian

What is the real name of mickie James?

mickie James

Is Mickie James a lesbian?

No, Mickie James is not a lesbian.

What is the birth name of Mickie James?

Mickie James's birth name is Mickie Laree James.

Who is mickie James boyfriend?

Mickie James got a boyfriend

Who hotter ashley massaro or mickie james?

Mickie James is hotter

Does WWE Mickie James has kids?

Mickie James Does Not Have Kids! :-) -MJ

Where is Mickie James ticklish?

Mickie James is ticklish on her sides.

How tall is Mickie James?

Mickie James is 5 foot 5 inches.

Is Mickie James on Facebook?

Mickie James has never released information stating she is on Facebook, although there will be many people impersonating Mickie on there.Mickie James does have an official Twitter page at ;

Where can you find pictures of Mickie James?

You can find pictures of Mickie James in or in

How much does Mickie James weigh?

Mickie James' billed weight is 121 pounds.

Is mickie James single?

hey i`ll love to meet Mickie James in person

Is mickie James hispanic?

No, Mickie James is not Hispanic. She is of Native American (Powhatan) heritage

Why is john cena dating mickie James?

John Cena is not dating Mickie James.

Where is Mickie James right now?

mickie James is in WWE world wresling entertainment

What is Mickie James' birthday?

Mickie James was born on August 31, 1979.

What is Mickie James famous for?

Mickie James also known as Mickie Laree James is famous for being an American professional wrestler and singer. Alexis Laree, Mickie James, Princess Alexis and Queen Alexis are some of her ring names.

Is mickie James on MySpace?

Yes, Mickie has a myspace at http:/ Have a great day! No Mickie James is not on Myspace. She is on Twitter.

Does mickie James hate kids?

no Mickie James doesn't hate kids. And besides why did you ask that question? why Mickie ever hate on kids?

Is mickie James Mary'd and have kids?

Mickie is single and has no kids

Who is a physco mickie James or Melina Perez?

Mickie James was psycho over Trish Stratus