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Does pointe hurt?


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this is a really question to answer. yes, a lot of dancers do get a lot of pain in their feet when they do pointe work, and there are lots of photos of horrible looking feet belonging to ex dancers, but... this does not have to be the case!

most issues with pain are due to badly fitting shoes or weak feet, and it often happens when both are happening together! if you take the time to strengthen your feet well before you starting en pointe, and you get a shoe that fits your foot very well, you should have very little pain in the feet.

as dancers begin to do more and more hours en pointe, the chances of discomfort in the feet obviously increases but you, should be able to do several hours a week very comfortably. when you first start you will only do a few minutes at the end of each class.

if you are strong before starting pointe work, you avoid taking strain through the growth plates. most dancers have no issues at all with the growth of their feet, and the problems that occur (like stress fractures or ligament sprains) are usually because of bad techneique, or doing a step that is too hard for the dancer to control.

many dancers have long careers with no problems with their feet. so... the problem is not in doing the pointe work, it is how you do it!