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No it does not. If you throwing it perfect. Alot of things affect a football spiral: If your running or not. If you use all the laces or not. Also If you left handed and throw it with you right hand it going to effect the outcome of a spiral. But if your left handed and throw it with your left its going to increase it. Wind conditions Make an outcome too. So alot of things change the outcome of a sprial or not

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How can you make the concept of throwing a spiral football into your science project?

a picture or video would be good for the audience, and if you know how to spiral the ball, demonstrate.

Why does throwing a football in a spiral make the football go farther then making it wobble or go end over end?

there is less friction

Can you get a football to spiral everytime you throw a football?

If you throw it right, the football will spiral everytime.

Why do football players throw spirals?

It is harder to catch anything less than a spiral, and that you probably wont complete any passes without throwing it that way!

Why does the football spiral?

A football spirals based on the way it is thrown. It will be a perfect spiral if the football is thrown with the spin on the exact axis of the ball.Ê

What is the exact scientific force behind every perfect spiral in football?

Gyroscopic effect created by imparting spin on the thrown ball.

Why does the Sea shell spiral in one direction?

Sea shells are spiral in only one direction, either to the left or to the right. It can be distinguished as right-handed which are called 'dextral' or left-handed known as 'sinistral'. Based on studies more right-handed shells can be found than the left-handed shells.

What does the word corri mean?

To be 'corri-fisted' is to be left handed. may derive from family called Carr who were all left handed. Spiral staircases were designed to give the advantage to the defenders, so most spiral staircases twist clockwise which gives right handed defenders an advantage. The Carr family's spiral staircases twisted anti clockwise.

What would get pushed furthest a football or a javelin by wind?

Football thrown in a spiral

How does gravity effect how far a football will fly?

It all has to do with gravity and aerodynamics. The law of gravity is what goes up must come down that's the natural right off the bat effect the other factors come with passer ability, wind, spiral on the ball. Easy explanation The more force used to throw a football and the better the spiral the further the ball will go.

Why do quarterbacks spiral a football when they throw a pass?

Quarterbacks like to spiral a football when they throw a pass in order to increase their precision and accuracy. This can also help with distance in some cases.

What does football have to do with aerodynamics?

You can throw a football in a regular spiral motion, underhand, or end over end.

What is spiral in football?

when the ball is throws like a spining top

Throwing football with a glove?

It is for sure possible to do so, it is just not effective for everyone. There have been multiple successful quarterbacks in NFL history that have worn gloves on their throwing hand, Kurt Warner is one for example. It can effect ones ability as far as accuracy and spiral are concerned because of the grip on the ball. On the other hand it can be very efficient for someone who doesn't have very big hands because it will help you move around in the backfield with the ball in your hand without worrying about fumbling.

Why does a spiral in football matter?

it allows the football to go further and hit its target allot better than a wobbler.

What is the basic shape of DNA?

A double helix, or spiral stair case. both right handed when talking about the curvature.

How do you throw a good spiral football?

Throwing a football isn't easy and takes allot of practice on your own or with a friend/coach. How you could throw the football depends on how long time you have been throwing a football. Allot of young quarterbacks throw the ball by sliding their hand under the ball, they do this because their hands are to small to throw the football properly. This method could create a nice spiral, but however it's the wrong way! Why is it wrong? Well if you slide your hand under the ball you will get almost no power at all. So if your hand are really small or you if you haven't thrown a football very long time this is a common way to throw the football.Now how to throw the football properly.At first i would like to say that nobody can tell you exactly how to throw the football properly, we can only give you guidelines.The gripMany coaches tell their QB's to find their grip first, I don't agree with that because I have changed my grip many times, so my tip is, throw throw and throw until you have a grip that feels comfortable (but test new grips to see witch grip that feels the best).Throwing motionTry keeping your wrist straight at all time though the motion. Start the motion by taking a step with your left foot (for a right handed player) against your target and at the same time you should take your throwing arm 90 degrees and back (so your little finger is pointing backwards). As I said before always keep your wrist straight through the motion. While going into the throw keep your arm high, above your shoulder is a good measurement. Finally your follow through, when you are about to release the ball (always above you shoulder with you wrist straight) turn your hand so that you index finger is the last finger to touch the ball. If you have done this correctly, your hand should naturally go down to you left pocket (for a right handed player) and you should result in a perfect spiral.

What pass is the most accurate pass in football?

The spiral pass is the most accurate.

What does the coriolis effect do to winds in the northern hemisphere?

In the Northern Hemisphere winds spiral to the right; while in the southern hemisphere winds spiral to the left.

How does the spiral of a football effect how far it goes?

When a football spirals, it acts like a top spinning on the floor. If the axis of the spiral is in line with the cones on each side of the football, the ball sails true. If the axis is off, the ball wobbles (wounded duck). If the ball is thrown hideously as by a girl or a foreigner, the pass could tumble end over end. The latter would be the least efficient in terms of aerodynamics, would not travel as far, and would cause snickering if not laughter.

What makes a football spiral?

Let us assume that the 'football' is an American football, rather than the (nearly) spherical ball that is usually black and white, which is called a 'football' in most countries. The American football is made to spiral by the way that it is thrown. The ball is held with the fingers on one side and the thumb on the other side. As the throwing arm moves forward the thumb pushes the ball toward the fingers. This makes the ball roll along the fingers, making it rotate. When the ball is released, the rotation (the spin) continues. The spin stabilizes the ball, so that the pointed end is pointing in the direction of motion. This allows the ball to go farther than it would if the ball were tumbling.

What is the name of the force that determines which way the wind will spiral in a hurricane?

The Coriolis effect.

What is the type of pass called when you throw the football and it flies through the air perfectly without wobbling?

A perfectly thrown football is called a Spiral.

What is code for the prime bomb head mask on spiral knights?

Each code is unique and can only be used once each. Furthermore, those codes would have expired by now. They were handed out to PAX members who played Spiral Knights.

What is the name of the spiral structure given to DNA?

Normally, DNA forms a right-handed double helix but it can also come in other forms.