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many people say that a vaulters run up is what is building there potintial energy which is sortof true but in reality however much the pole bends is the potintial energy of the vault

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Q: Explain how a pole vaulter uses potential and kinetic energy to vault himself over the bar?
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What does a pole-vaulter converts kinetic energy into?

Potential you welcome bro troll

A pole-vaulter first converts kinetic energy into?

Elastic Potential Energy

What energy conversions occur in a pole vaulter?

When the pole vaulter just passes over the bar, he/she is almost stationary, and certainly at the maximum height reached above the ground, so apart from a very small amount of kinetic energy as a result of passing over the bar, all the energy put into the vault is bound up in gravitational potential energy. During the approach, the jumper runs up so has acquired kinetic energy. Then during the vault he/she exerts force on the pole to gain height, and to convert the horizontal kinetic energy into a vertical direction. This force comes from the chemistry of the muscles of the body. So the overall conversion is from kinetic energy plus muscular chemical energy into gravitational potential energy, which is then converted back to kinetic energy on the descent.

What a pole-vaulter first converts kinetic energy into?

It is first converted to strain energy in the form of elastic deformation of the pole.

What type of energy increases as the pole bends before it propels a pole vaulter up into the air?

Elastic Potential Energy

What is the potential energy of a 500-N pole-vaulter when she is 4 M above the ground?


Sergei Bubka is a famous ... vaulter?

Pole vaulter

How tall is Steven Hooker?

Steve Hooker, the Olympic pole vaulter, is 6'2" and is the third-highest pole vaulter in history.

How long is a pole vault raceway?

Its typically 3-8 strides of the vaulter, depending on the rate the vaulter accelerates down the "runway"

Is there a pole rating available for a 200 pound vaulter?

There are many poles rated for a 200 lbs vaulter. First a vaulter of that size must work on their technique to ensure that he can use such a large pole. Then depending on the vaulters height and jump a vaulter can buy a 14' - 17' 7" that is rated for a 200 lbs vaulter. But a 14' 200 is not the same pole as a 16' 200. Please look up a pole size chart before picking the right size pole.

Sergey Bubka is a famous what?

Pole Vaulter.

What are the basic rules of pole vault?

The vaulter may use a pole (under his/her wieght) to go over a cross bar. If the cross bar falls off before the vaulter is off the mat, it is counted as missed. A scratch is when a vaulter's pole hits the back of the box and the vaulter doesn't leave the ground. Besides that it's a unique event considering there are vaulter have many different techniques.

Mechanical energy examples?

a polt vaulter twisting

Who is Elizabeth Osborn?

Elizabeth Osborn is an equestrian vaulter.

Did you hear about the javelin thrower who decided to become a pole vaulter on that?

Did you hear about the javelin thrower who decided to become a pole vaulter when the tip of his javelin got stuck in the dirt.

Who is the best pole vaulter in the world at 2012?

steve hooker

What advice would you give to a pole vaulter?

male fellapion

Did you hear about the javelin thrower who decided to become a pole vaulter when what?

Dd you hear about the Javelin thrower who decided to become a pole vaulter when the tip of this javelin got stuck in the dirt?..... LOL!

What rhymes with altar?

Falter, halter, salter, vaulter, psalter, Gibraltar,

Who is Australia's best Olympic athlete?

Steven Hooker Pole Vaulter maybe

What actors and actresses appeared in Sportivnyy prazdnik molodyozhi - 1951?

The cast of Sportivnyy prazdnik molodyozhi - 1951 includes: Eduard Adamczyk as Himself (pole-vaulter) Podouzdova as Herself (gymnast) Zhigalova as Herself (judge) Zaar as Herself (motorcyclist) Korondi as Himself (calisthenist) Kitzig as Himself (diver) Brenner as Himself (diver) Khomonai as Himself (javelin-thrower) Shagot as Himself (judge) Fredelt as Himself (motorcyclist) Vad as Himself (tennis player) Josef Ashbot as Himself (tennis player) Adam Bonyhadi as Himself (hammer-tosser) Vladimir Brazhnik as Himself (pole-vaulter) Aleksandra Chudina as Herself (multiple athletics) Viktor Chukarin as Himself (calisthenist) Geza Kadas as Himself (swimmer) Vladimir Kazantsev as Himself (steeplechaser) Ferenc Klics as Himself (discus thrower) Angel Kolyev as Himself (sprinter) Rudy Munzloer as Himself (motorcyclist) Olli Partanen as Himself (discus thrower) Wilhelm Pieck as Himself (President of DDR) Elfriede Preibisch as Herself (runner) Levan Sanadze as Himself (sprinter) Ernst Schmidt as Himself (hurdle-jumper) Nikolai Shorin as Himself (hammer-tosser) Janusz Sidlo as Himself (javelin-thrower) Vladimir Sukharev as Himself (sprinter) Judit Temes as Herself (swimmer Vladimir Volkov as Himself (hurdle-jumper) Kim Yon Khon as Himself (bicyclist) Jaroslav Zilyar as Himself (bicyclist)

Who is Melanie Adams?

a pretty woman and a good pole vaulter Olympic track star.

Who is the best pole vaulter in the world?

Men: Sergey Bubka Women: Yelena Isinbayeva

What component of fitness is required for pole vault?

I am a pole vaulter myself and over the last couple of years i have learned that there is no one component of fitness that is required for the vault. To really understand why you must first break the vault into several parts.the run up or approach.the plantthe swing up and inversion where the vaulter gets upside down.Finally the fly away.first the vaulter runs twored the plant box bilding up speed until they are finally running as fast as they can,They need to be fast.The faster the vaulter is the more energy he or she can put into his or her pole and make it bend.At the plant there is a tremendous pressure put on the vaulters arms.If they are not strong enough the will colaps before the vault has even begun. In the swing up and inversion state the vaulter must have a strong core and strong solders. And finally when the vaulter pushes off the pole they are using a lot of arm strength.

After how many failed attempts do polevaulters get eliminated?

A pole vaulter has 3 chances to make it over the bar