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Half of a circle what percent of a circle?


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Half (1/2) equals 50%.


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half of the circle plus a little more

One fourth of anything plus one half of the same thing is three fourths of it (75%).

1 half = 2 fourths 1 fourth plus 2 fourths = 3 fourths = 3/4 = 75%

another name for a half circle is semi-circle

four eighths would be one half or 50%

semicircleA half circle is called a semicircle.Half a circle is a semi-circle

A quarter of a circle plus an eighth of a circle is what percent of a circle?

a half circle? a half? semi circle? half sphere?

Half a circle is called a semi-circle. Sometimes it is called a half-moon.

Half a circle is called a "semicircle" in geometry.

Half a circle is called a SEMI-CIRCLE

half of the radius the radius is half of the diameter the diameter is the with of the circle. This also can be called a quadrent circle.

Another name for half a circle is a semicircle.

The radius is half of the diameter of a circle.

A half circle is called a semicircle.

a circle with a certain percent at a certain mesurement.

Half the diameter of a circle is called its radius.

No. A diameter divides a circle in half. A radius is half the diameter.

Half of 25 percent is 12.5 percent.

The answer to two and a half percent is easy. Simply find one percent,double it to get two percent and then half one percent to find the half. Put them together and you have two and a half percent.

The area of any circle is (pi) x (radius)2 .The area of half the circle is just half of that number.

1 percent of a circle is 3.6 degrees, so in 6 percent of a circle there are 3.6 * 6 = 21.6 degrees

A circle that can measure percents.

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