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Has a football every been thrown 100 yards in the air?


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Brat favre has


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93 yards is the longest thrown yardage in history

The average velocity of a thrown football is from 40 to 60 MPH. Although there has been faster velocities recorded.

303 MPH by Todd Blackledge in 1983

Joe Namath, Matthew Reed, and a couple others have been credited with throws of over 90 yards but keep in mind that the strongest arm ever may not belong to a QB

In a game, the longest verifiable throw of an American football is 82 or 83 yards. It took place between Dallas Cowboys QB Don Meredith and superstar receiver Bob Hayes. It resulted in a 95 yard touchdown.

The longest kick ever in football was done by Tom Dempsey 63 yards

how many yards have been run (football or cross country), how far something is thrown or how high a jump is (gymnastics, horse riding, pole vaulting, discus throwing) or how fast a ball is being pitched in baseball or softball.

I'm not positively sure :p but i just felt like answering <3

There have been two quarterbacks that have thrown for over 400 yards in a Super Bowl. Tom Brady has done it twice and Kurt Warner once.Tom Brady, New England, 505 yards, Super Bowl LIITom Brady, New England, 466 yards, Super Bowl LIKurt Warner, St. Louis Rams, 414 yards, Super Bowl XXXIV

It is neither correct to say " stones i've been thrown " nor "the stones i've been thrown at".

It has been done 10 times by 8 different players, all since 2001.

because his dad introduced it to him and every since then he's been playing football.

Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

actually probably 5 yards or a little more but 3-7 depending on temperature

The quarterback with the most pro football passing yards is Damon Allen (brother of NFL great Marcus Allen), with 72,381. Allen played from 1985 to 2007 in the Canadian Football League, a pro league that has been around since 1957.The QB with the most career passing yards in the NFL is Brett Favre with 61,655 as of the 2008 season.

At the beginning of every football game the score is always zero to zero.

In competitive football, the length of the throw is not measured, but rather the length of the play (catch and run). The longest pass is 99 yards in US football and 109 yards in Canada, that being one yard less than the length of the field. There is no official record for Longest Throw, but a distance of 80-90 yards (73-82 m) seems to be considered the longest. NFL quarterbacks such as Steve Bartkowski, Randall Cunningham, and Jamarcus Russell (all tall, powerful throwers) have thrown the ball that far in the air. One NFL site lists an unofficial record for ball distance, which was 83 yeads by Don Meredith of the Dallas Cowboys, part of a 95-yard pass to Bob Hayes on November 13, 1966. (see related question)

There have been 31 athletes to rush for 2,000+ yards in a season in college football. Click on the '2000 Yard Rushers' link on this page to see a list of them.

99 yards. It has been done an many occasions, including three times by Redskins recievers for some reason.

There would be about 3.704 cubic yards of dirt per every ton. This number has been rounded up from nine decimal places to six.

There have been many great running backs and receivers in college football. However, the record for the most total career yards gained is held by quarterback Case Keenum who gained 20,114 yards with Houston from 2007-2011.

Including the 2008 season, there have been 48 Presidential 1st pitches thrown out.

Trajectories/vector analysis-Describes the parabolic motion of the football after it has been thrown or kicked. Fluid Dynamics/Aerodynamics-Describes the flight of the football based on its texture and how it was thrown. Newtanian Physics- -Conservation of momentum and Conservation of Energy-when two football players collide, how will their velocities change based on each players weight and how fast they were going. -F=ma (force=mass*acceleration)-How much force a football player can delver -E=MV2/2 (energy=mass*velocity2/2)=How much Kenetic energy the football player has based on his mass and velocity

whenever an object is thrown in the air we must know the initial velocity with which the object has been thrown.

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