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History of Miami Dolphins?

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How many times did the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Miami Dolphins in Miami?

The Steelers defeated the Dolphins in Miami six times in their history.

Who is the best player Miami Dolphins history?

Dan Marino.

Who was the undefeated teams in the history to win the championship?

Miami Dolphins

How many times have Atlanta Falcons beaten the Miami Dolphins?

During their history the Falcons have beaten the Miami Dolphins 4 times, their record is 4-7 versus Miami.

Which NFL team is undefeated in history?

For a single season the Miami Dolphins.

Who was the undefeated teams in the history of the NFL?

1900`s Miami Dolphins

What is the hometown of the Miami Dolphins?

it is the name, Miami is the hometown of the MIAMI dolphins

What state is the dolphins?

The Miami Dolphins are from Miami, Florida.

What team had the only undefeated and untied season in the history of football?

Miami dolphins

What sport do the Miami Dolphins play?

The Miami Dolphins play football. The Miami Dolphins are one of the older franchises in the National Football League (NFL). The Dolphins are the only franchise in NFL history to ever have a perfect season. There quarterback that year...Dan Marino.

When was Miami Dolphins created?

Miami Dolphins was created in 1966.

Who is the winningest coach in NFL history?

Don Shula, 347 wins, Miami Dolphins.

What is the 2nd worst record in NFL history?

miami dolphins. 1-15.[2007]

Which NFL team has the most home wins in NFL history?

Miami Dolphins - 24

Who is the Miami Dolphins Founder?

The founder for the Miami Dolphins Joesph Robbie

What are the PMS colors for the Miami Dolphins?

what are the official PMS colors for the Miami Dolphins

Who is coach for Miami Dolphins?

The head coach of Miami Dolphins is Joe Philbin.

What is Will Davis's number on the Miami Dolphins?

Will Davis is number 29 on the Miami Dolphins.

Where is it possible to purchase Miami Dolphins Apparel?

There are several places online where one can purchase Miami Dolphins apparel. The following have websites which sell Miami Dolphins apparel: The Miami Dolphins, Target, Nike and the NFL Shop.

What was the Miami Dolphins worst record season?

in 2007 miami finished the season with 1 win- 15 losses! their worst in franchise history!

Miami Dolphins vs New Orleans Saints history?

Through the 2008 season, the Dolphins and Saints have met 9 times with the Dolphins holding a 6-3 advantage. The last time the teams met was October 30, 2005 with the Dolphins winning, 21-6, in Miami.

What was the Miami Dolphins record in 2007?

The Miami Dolphins record in 2007 was 1-15.

What was the Miami Dolphins record in 1973?

In 1973, the Miami Dolphins had a 12-2 record.

What number did John Bosa wear for the Miami Dolphins?

Number 97 with the Miami Dolphins

Who is the Miami Dolphins general manager?

Jeff Ireland is the Miami Dolphins general manager.

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