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Mickey Mantle led the American League in home runs in 4 seasons: 1960 - 40

1958 - 42

1956 - 52

1955 - 37

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Mickey Mantle played Major League baseball for 18 seasons(1951-1968), all for the New York Yankees.

Mickey Mantle was part of 12 American League pennant winning teams while playing for the Yankees.

Mickey Mantle won three American League Most Valuable Player awards (1956, 1957, 1962).

Mickey MantleMickey Mantle played in 2,401 regular season games. See related links for more stats on Mickey Mantle.

Mickey Mantle ended his career with 2,415 hits.

Mickey Mantle had 8,102 career at-bats.

Mickey Mantle ended his career with 1,509 RBIs.

Mickey Mantle played 18 seasons for the New York Yankees.

For his career, Mickey Mantle had 1,509 runs batted in.

Mickey Mantle led the American League in home runs in four different seasons: 1) 1955 - 37 home runs 2) 1956 - 52 home runs 3) 1958 - 42 home runs 4) 1960 - 40 home runs

Mickey Mantle plyed in 12 World Series. see Related Links for more stats on Mickey Mantle.

Mickey Mantle has 536 career home runs.

Mickey Mantle hit 23 Homeruns in 1966.

Mickey Mantle had 230 postseason (World Series) at bats.

Mickey Mantle won the American League MVP award, three 1956, 1957 and 1962 with the Yankees, the only team he ever played for.

1961 Mickey Mantle hit 54 home runs. For more Mickey mantle Stats see Related links below.

As with everything in collecting Condition is everything. The 225LL Mickey Mantle Little league store model bat could sell from anywhere between $20.00 -$75.00 depending on Year Issued, and condition. I will include links to help you in dating your bat, and a page with other Mickey Mantle Little league Bats. I will also up date that page soon and include the 225LL. You would not believe how many different Mickey Mantle endorsed bats are out there.

In 1956, Mickey Mantle hit 52 home runs.

Mickey had 2,415 hits in his career.

Mickey Mantle hit 36 home runs in Cleveland Stadium.

Yes, Mickey Mantle played a full MLB season on many occasions.

During his career, Mickey Mantle hit 344 doubles and 72 triples.

Mickey Mantle won his only Gold Glove award in 1962.

Mickey Mantle FoundationAfter years of alcohol abuse Mickey Mantle was diagnosed with liver cancer in 1994. In June of 1995 Mickey received a liver transplant. At a press conference Mickey noted that many fans had looked to him as a role model; "This is a role model: Don't be like me". Before he died in August 1995 at the age of 63 of liver cancer He established the Mickey Mantle Foundation to raise awareness for organ donations. He was very proud of this.

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