How big is 9 meter square?


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81 Meter


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-- The area of each little square is 1 square meter. -- The area of the big square is 9 square meters. -- So 9 little ones will cover the big one. Note: If the big one wasn't in the shape of a 3m x 3m square or a 1m x 9m rectangle, then you might have to cut up some of the little ones to make them fit the shape, but even so, 9 of them would exactly cover the bigger shape.

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A square meter contains ten thousand square centimeters inside of it, or one million of square milimeters.

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It is the area covered by a square one meter by one meter. This is equivalent to 10.7639104 square feet.

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3x3 is 9 square metres. 9/1.9 is 4.74 times

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