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How big is the city Kobe?

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552.80 km2

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Which city in Japan experienced a big earthquake on 17th January 1995?


What is Kobe?

Kobe the what is a city in Japan. Kobe the who is an NBA star.

Is Kobe in Japan or is Japan in Kobe?

Kobe is a city in Japan.

Which Japanese city was devastated by a major earthquake in 1995?

the city KobeKobe

When was Kobe City Archives created?

Kobe City Archives was created in 1938.

When was Kobe City Museum created?

Kobe City Museum was created in 1982.

When was Kobe City College of Nursing created?

Kobe City College of Nursing was created in 1959.

Is Kobe an LEDC?

Kobe is a city in Japan, which is categorised in Geography as an MEDC.

Where is the city of Kobe situated?

Where is Kobe situated?Upon the Japanese mainland .

When was Kobe City University of Foreign Studies created?

Kobe City University of Foreign Studies was created in 1946.

How do you say Kobe in spanish?

Kobe, a japanese city, is Kobe in spanish also. -- Proper Names are not usually translated.

Which city is Seattle's sister city in Japan?


How big is Kobe?

Kobe covers an area of 552.80 km2 (213.4 sq mi).

Why is kobe bryant name kobe bryant?

Kobe Bryant got his name from his Father, his father decided to name his son after the Japanieze city of Kobe, and then he gave him his last name.

The city of Kobe is on what Japanese island?


What city on Honshu has 4 letters?


Kobe is the capital city of?

Kobe-The sixth-largest city in Japan and is the capital city of Hyōgo Prefecture and a prominent port city in Japan with a population of about 1.5 millionThanks Wikipedia for help.

How big is Kobe Bryant house?

He has couple and there mansions

What city does Kobe Bryant live in?

Newport Beach

What city does Kobe Bryant stay at?

Los Angeles

What city in japan hand massages the cattle?


Why was Kobe name after a big steakhouse?

its not really after the steakhouse rather his parents loved Kobe steak so much they named him after it.

Where is Kobe in Japan?

Kobe is a city located in the south of Japan. It is a well known name since it produces high quality beef and is the name of the basketball player Kobe Bryant.

What is the main function of the city Kobe in japan?

The main function of Kobe is as a major port and also the headquarters of Japanese businesses

What are the release dates for Big News TV - 2010 Big Sports Who Writes Kobe 1-36?

Big News TV - 2010 Big Sports Who Writes Kobe 1-36 was released on: USA: 23 February 2010