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How can you contact people who played in the Negro League?

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That would be fun to talk to them but most have them have passed away by now+

You may wish to contact the Negro League Baseball Players Association at They have a "Contact Us" link which should help you get started with contacting the remaining players from that era.


I wouldn't get too discouraged - the Negro Leagues lasted until the early 60s, so plenty of former Negro Leaguers are only in their 60s and 70s

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Who played in the Negro League?


What was the Negro League in baseball?

The Negro League was a league founded by Ruth Foster. The Negro League let black people play baseball in their own league. The Negro League was the major league for black people. Most people do not believe this but the Negro League was rougher than the major league back around the 1900s. When Ruth Foster died the Negro League shut down. A few years later Gus Greenlee took over the Negro League. He was a manager of a team. He had the team with Sachel Paige on it. If you weren't aware he was the best Negro baseball player.

What teams played in the Negro Southern League in 1949?

Teams that played in the Negro Southern League in 1949 are Atlanta, Gadsden, Mobile, Montgomery, Nashville and Pensacola

Who is JL Wilkerson and what did he do for negro baseball league?

He was a Negro League manager. He also had a seat on the Negro League Board.

What number did Satchel Paige wear?

It depends because Satchel Paige played on several minor and major league teams; as well as the Negro League. When he played on the Kansas City Monarch's team (one of the Negro League teams), his number was 25.

Who started the negro league?

Rube Foster, owner of the Chicago American Giants and one of the most influential people in black baseball, organized the Negro League in 1920.

What was the first Negro league team that Jackie Robinson played for?

Kansas City Monarchs

When was National Negro Business League created?

National Negro Business League was created in 1900.

Who owned the Negro Fellowship League?

The Negro Fellowship League was originally started by Ida B. Wells.

What is the difference between the Negro League and The Girls of Summer?

The Negro League are men and I don't know the rest.

What is the name of the baseball league that african american players played in before 1947?

The Negro Leagues

Is Josh Gibson a real person and if so did he play baseball?

Josh Gibson was a real person. He played in the old Negro League and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972 under the Negro League category.

When did the negro league baseball exist?

The first organized league of teams consisting solely of African-Americans -- it was called the Negro National League -- was in 1920. This first league lasted until 1931. A second league, also called the Negro National League, was organized in 1933. Another league, the Negro American League, was launched in 1937. The former folded after the 1949 season, the latter held on until 1962.

Who was the firsta player from the negro leagues to be elected to Baseball's hall of Fame?

Technically, it was Jackie Robinson, who played in the Negro Leagues before he broke major league baseball's color line in 1947. But Satchel Paige's induction in 1971 was primarly for his legendary career in Negro League baseball.

How old was Hank Aaron when he played in the negro league?

Hank Aaron was 18 years old when he played for the Indianapolis Clowns in 1952.

When was the Negro league started?


Who were negro league baseball players?

The most famous negro league players were pitcher Satchell Paige and catcher Josh Gibson.

What did the people in the Harlem Renaissince do?

They played ball for the NEW NEGRO LEAUGUE

What is the difference between a Major league and a Negro league?

Nowadays there is no difference. But a ways back only Whites could play in the major league and African-Americans could play in the Negro League.

Why was the negro league started?

The Negro Leagues began when major league baseball established a color line to keep nonwhite players from participating.

What year did the Negro League end?

The Negro League started in 1885 and ended in 1951. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947.

When did the last negro baseball league closed?

The Negro National League disbanded after the 1949 season. The Negro American League continued playing games until 1958, but were barely a minor league. Schedules became increasingly erratic, and the teams were more a group of independent barn-stormers than part of a league.

Why did the negro league end?

After the integration of professional baseball two factors combined to bring about the collapse of the Negro Leagues: (a) the best players from the top Negro League teams were signed by Major League organizations, thus weakening the top Negro League teams, and (b) the interest of black fans was quickly drawn away from the Negro Leagues as they focused their interest on the performance of Jackie Robinson and other black pioneers in the major leagues

How many years did Jackie Robinson played in baseball?

Jackie Robinson played for the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro League in 1945, Montreal of the International League (AAA) in 1946, and the Brooklyn Dodgers of the National League between 1947-1956.

What team was in the negro league?

Birmingham barons