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How can you have eight batters in one inning without scoring a run?

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You cannot get 8 batters in 1 half inning, the most batters (roster spots) you can get to the plate in 1 half inning is 7 (although everyone here says 6, that is incorrect) -- in a half inning you can have 7 batter slots in the line up come up by:

- 3 runners on, reaching in any manner (3 batters)

- 2 batters get out (5 batters total)

- batter puts ball in play everyone advances a base, including the guy from 3rd to home (6 batters)

- batter is announced (making his appearance official), then without throwing a pitch, the defense team appeals a call (say the guy didnt touch home) -- ump calls him out

there you have it -- 7 batting slots in the lineup make official batters (because if a 7th batter is a pinch hitter, even though he never sees a pitch he is officially in the game, and takes the roster spot of the player he was subbed in for), no runs scored


You can only have a maximum of 6 batters appear who receive official plate appearances in a half inning without scoring a run. As stated above, you get 3 runners on in any manner, and then the next 3 batters get out without anyone scoring (i.e strikeouts), this would be 6 batters total receiving a plate appearance. In the scenario above, the pinch hitter or the 7th 'batter' would not receive any official stat other then "+1 in games played"

Discussion behind this answer
  • To give a solid answer to this question we would need to define what a "batter" is, is a player officially a batter when he is announced to the plate, once he receives a pitch, once his "plate appearance" is complete", ect?
  • With pinch hitters, you could theoretically have any number of players bat in an inning (up to the roster limit of a team, I suppose).
  • If it is one full inning and not a half inning, then you can simply by getting a couple runners on base
  • if you are a good team and your batters are good you can sometime go threough the line up once witch is nine players and maye one ore two or more the second time you run through your line up .
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