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you must be best in any sport in your school, city, country, and then some1 will suerly ask you to go to olympic games... only then will you make it

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Where are next Olympics?

In the summer of 2012, in London, England Tell Me.where & when will be the next Olympics

Who is muscat of Olympics 2012?

i dont know the answer pl tell

What time do the 2012 London Olympics start?

27 JulyTell me

Can someone tell me why Germany didn't qualify for the 2012 London Olympics?

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Would you tell the news about Olympics 2012?

Start 27 July - 12 August

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Okay i will tell you there were 26 sports so 302 events

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Modern Olympics How do they prepare for the games?

tell them they are in

Did you have to pay for the ancient Olympics?

no pls tell me

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tell me the answer or i will get mad tell me the answer or i will get mad

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