How can you throw a rainbow pass perfectly to your receivers?

  • First, you must hold the ball correctly, which can be in different positions depending on the size of your hands. I hold the ball with my ring finger behind the last lace and my pinky in front of it, with my other hand on the back of the ball until I am ready to throw, because I'm a rather small person. (I wear size 8 gloves.) Take a step or two forward whilst cocking your arm into the throwing position and lash it forward, squeezing the ball just before you release it. This ensures a tight spiral on the ball. Aim about 5 yards in front of the inside shoulder of the receiver (the one more toward yourself) and throw the ball at about a 45 degree angle. As you throw the ball, flick your wrist forward to put a spin on the ball almost as if you are waving goodbye at it. This helps with the spiral. If done correctly, you will throw a long, tight spiral that hangs long enough that your receiver will be able to run under it, and you will put it in a position that no one else will be able to get to it. Practice makes perfect, now go get 'em.
  • What you have to do is have a perfect comfortable grip on the ball. Keep your feet about a foot and a half apart. Keep your shoulder pointed at your target. Keep your hips and legs loose. Hold the ball chest level and cock your arm back. Thrust the ball in a forward position and while your doing that snap your wrist downward. Hold the ball tight before releasing for tighter spirals. If you do this correctly the ball will fly through the air perfectly. Tip: Don't roll your fingers off the ball, it messes people up and does not produce tight spirals.