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How come baseball teams do not have cheerleaders in little skimpy outfits?

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Basically, because there is no need to. In football and Basketball, there are regular and extneded breaks in the action. During these times, the fans may lose interest in the game, therefore cheerleaders are on to maintain that interest. Baseball, however is almost all action. Between innings, however there is usually something going on in the ballpark to maintain that interest.

Some minor league teams do. I used to love sitting right by the home team dugout of the El Paso Diablos. That's where the Diamond girls would do their thing. But I'm kinda a perv that way.

All action?!? 5-8 hours for a game? All action? I'm new to the game but 70 mins of hurling is all all action esp Kilkenny v Tipperary All Ireland semi in 2002 or Cork v Wexford semi 2003 were all action. Baseball is a good game but hardly all action. Look at or for some news. Tom Hogan was a footballer shot by the British on Bloody Sunday in Croke Park in 1922. Croke Park is a 82,000 capacity stadium, all for an amateur organisation.

Baseball simply has a different rhythm to it than football and basketball do. In football and basketball, the cheerleaders serve to work the crowd up, which in turn inspires the players to play with more spirit and energy. Baseball, on the other hand, depends on precision and focus, with plays that are short and discrete in nature, as opposed to the continuous action of football and basketball. Cheerleaders wouldn't really help a whole lot.

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