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Ancient Egyptians viewed their pharaohs as living gods. They were the personification of AMUN-RA the king of gods, and when they died they became true gods. Therefore these pharaohs weren't only regarded as the kings of Egypt but as divinity.

Egyptians believed that their pharaoh bore full responsibility for the kingdom's well-being, the sun to rise, the rivers to overflow, and the crops to grow. It was the pharaoh's duty to promote truth and justice. He was worshiped and appreciated.

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How did ancient Egyptians view the pharaohs?

As gods.

Why Did The Ancient Egyptians Worship pharaohs?

The ancient Egyptians worshiped the pharaohs because they believed that the pharaohs were the sons of Ra, the sun deity and main god of the Egyptians.

How did the Egyptians view the pharaoh?

Egyptians viewed the pharaohs as gods. Ancient Egyptians worshiped their pharaohs because it was thought that the pharaoh was the god of the earth, since the pharaoh was the one who ruled ancient Egypt and all of Egypt's activities such as farming, trading, and bartering.

What did the ancient Egyptians do in the pyramids?

The ancient Egyptians built the pyramids for pharaohs in the afterlife.

Rulers of ancient Egyptians?

The Pharaohs ruled over the Egyptians.

Why did the Ancient Egyptians build pyrimads?

The Ancient Egyptians built pyramids for tombs for their pharaohs and their queens.

Did the Egyptians have more than one pharaoh?

The ancient Egyptians had many Pharaohs.

Who used a Pharaoh?

Ancient Egyptians were ruled by Pharaohs.

Why did ancient Egyptians embalm their pharaohs?

just because

Why did some ancient Egyptians build pyramids as tombs for their pharaohs?

They wanted to honor the pharaohs.

How did egyptians view their pharohs?

they viewed their pharaohs as one of the gods.

How were pharaohs connected to the Egyptians gods?

The ancient egyptions believed that the Pharaohs were Horus in human form.

Why did ancient egyptians have pyrimads?

To bury dead pharaohs in after they were mummified

Immense structures built by the ancient egyptians as tombs for the pharaohs?

== ==

How did ancient Egyptians prepare pharaohs for the afterlife?

hmm they wrapped it

Who were the ancient Egyptians rulers?

The pharaohs. There were hundreds of them throughout history.

What did ancient egyptians call thir kings?

They called them Pharaohs.

What were ancient Egyptians pharaohs wrapped in when they died?

Linen Wrappings

What kind of Egyptians are there?

There are 6 differenttipes of people in Ancient Egypt. But the most important are the Pharaohs. They were the RICHEST Egyptians in Ancient Egypt!

When were kings called pharaohs in ancient Egypt?

Ancient Egyptians did not call their kings pharaohs. The term was begun by Greeks and other non-Egyptians but was later adopted by the Egyptians. IT's hard to say when the Egyptians adopted it but a guess would be somewhere after 800 BC.

Who did the Egyptians think the pharaoh was?

There were many pharaohs over time in Ancient Egypt. So you would have to name all the pharaohs that existed in Egypt. That the Egyptians knew about.

Why were the pyramids of Egypt built?

pyramids were meant to serve as tombs for the pharaohs most egyptians planned their deaths and had graves built them in case of pharaohs their tombs were in pyarmids and they were to protect the pharoaohs bodyMost Ancient Egyptians planned for their death Most Ancient Egyptians planned for their death Most Ancient Egyptians planned for their death

Why would ancient Egyptians chosen to take on such roles as Pharaohs?

people back then thought that pharaohs were decendants of the gods

Why did the ancient Egyptians mummify the pharaohs?

they thought that it would protect the mummies in the afterlife.

How the Egyptians viewed their pharaohs?

To the Egyptians, the Pharaohs were actually gods.