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When was Erik F. Hurt born?

Erik F. Hurt was born in 1890.

When did Erik F. Hurt die?

Erik F. Hurt died on 1952-01-30.

What college did NFL player Maurice Hurt play for?

NFL player Maurice Hurt played for Florida.

How much does NFL player Maurice Hurt weigh?

NFL player Maurice Hurt weighs 329 pounds.

How tall is Maurice Hurt?

NFL player Maurice Hurt is 6'-03''.

Has a famous volleyball player gotten hurt?

In every sport it is possible for somebody to get hurt, so a famous player probably has gotten hurt before, but that doesn't neccesarily mean that volleyball is a dangerous sport!

Who is the big hurt?

Frank Thomas, a professional baseball player in the 1990's had the nickname "The Big Hurt."

Why do you kneel down when someones hurt in basketball?

I think you do it for respect for the player that got hurt. I'm not sure but that is what I think.

What player in the NBA gets hurt the most?

Dustin Wellbaum

What is kneeling in cheering?

its when a player gets hurt..its to show respect

Which baseball player is nicknamed Big Hurt?

Frank Thomas

In the NFL if a player is hurt on the field does the team get charged a timeout?


How many hockey players get hurt every year?

how many hockey player get hurt from a body check each game

How can you get hurt in baseball?

There are many ways you can get hurt. For example you can get hit by a ball or a bat, twist an ankle running, hurt sliding into a base, run into another player or object, etc.

Can a basketball player play with a cast?

you can but it would hurt your arm worse

What player hurt their self on the Orlando Magic team?

jameer nelson

What is a NFL injury timeout?

Stopping the game because a player is hurt.

How does a player get put on injured reserve?

If the player is hurt too bad and won't play the rest of the year, they get placed on it.

What happens if an NFL player gets hurt?

it all depends on the injury, because the injury determines what happens to the player.

What do you do if you like this boy but you no his a player and will hurt you if you go out with him?

if you know for a fact that he OS a player and you still want to date him nobody can stop you bit dnt get too attached too soon cuz if you fall for him you will for a fact get hurt

If a player is hurt but is offsides is there a penalty?

He can be, if he gets involved with active play somehow.

When can NFL practice squad be signed?

Only if one player is hurt or released.

What is the injury rate in the Football League?

100% every player plays hurt.

How many hockey player have been hurt because of touch icing?


How many times does the average soccer player get hurt?

Probably a couple minor injuries, in one game, but once in a while they will get hurt big time