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How did basketball get its name?


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Because the ball is shot into a net.

-Also, because the first hoop was a peach basket- hence 'basket'ball.
A Canadian doctor, Dr. Naismith , first had the idea to create a game that would fill gymnasiums during wintertime. After long and deep thoughts, he found this principle: two teams must throw a ball into a basket. At the very beginning , the basket was not pierced but they rapidly decided to do so. (To make the game quicker)


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The name of the content basketball before it was called basketball is Soccer ball

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Basketball doesn't have a first name- basketball is the name of a sport.

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Basketball is known around the world as 'basketball'.

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The correct name for it is A basketball court.

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Basketball gets its name, because you use the BALLto try and shoot into the BASKET. Therefore, it is called BASKETBALL.

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