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They carried it in or lowered it in. Sometimes, the sarcophagus would even be made inside the pyramid and the body brought to it.

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Sarcophagus-where does it go?

In a pyramid but, it is in a tomb or crypt which is in the pyramid.

Egyptians were but in what after they were mummified?


Who used sarcophagus?


What did Egyptians call coffins?

a sarcophagus it what egyptians called a coffin

An ancient Egyptians coffin was called what?

A sarcophagus

What is another word for an egyptian tomb?

pyramid, sarcophagus

Egyptian large stone coffin?

It is a pyramid or sarcophagus.

Why did Egyptians use sarcophagus?

so they can put the body in it

What is a decorated casket designed by the ancient egyptians called?


What is a decorated casket by the ancient Egyptians called?

it is calles a sarcophagus

Who was buried in a sarcophagus?

many egyptians, Abraham Lincoln, and the swedish

What is the special container called that egyptians put the mummies in?

A sarcophagus

What was included in mummy's sarcophagus?

The Egyptians sarcophagus often contained a coffin and an inner coffin known as a mummy board. Both the sarcophagus and the coffin could be very plain or extremely ornate.

What is the name of a flat bottom vessel used by the egyptians on the nile?


Sentence with word of 'pyramid'?

The Egyptians built the great pyramid.

Where was the pyramid invented?

The pyramid was invented by the Egyptians in Egypt.

Where do egyptians put the mummies?

Depending on wealth, a series of coffins, then a sarcophagus, then a tomb.

When did they start making sarcophagus?

Over 8,000 years ago. Greeks and Egyptians had them.

Who was buried in the Great Pyramid?

Khufu was the great pharaoh that was entombed in the magnificent great pyramid. He wasn't buried in the pyramid, but he was kept, mummified, in his sarcophagus in the King's Chamber.

What did the Egyptians create?


Where did the Egyptians get the pyramid from?

They built them..

Who evented the pyramid?

The Egyptians invented the structure that was known as the pyramid

What are mummies buried in?

A large coffin called a Sarcophagus, that was then placed inside a tomb or a Pyramid.

How did the egyptians get the sarcophagus inside the pirimides?

They had magical elves. the only downside to these elves were that they were homosexual

The height of keops pyramid in Egypt?

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