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  • Badminton rackets have become lighter and lighter with advancements in technology. Elastic particles combined with carbon fibers create a more flexible frame, allowing a player to swing faster and deliver more power. Other rackets apply focusing weight at the two and 10 o'clock portions of the frame as well as the base of the handle to add stability.

  • Some rackets have placed the strings closer together to create a wider sweet spot which increases shot power, even for mistimed shots. Strings made with high elasticity create a greater rebound effect and resist deformation and stretching, which prolongs string life.

  • Grommets, the holes in the frame which the string goes through, can tear or pop out, which affects the integrity of the racket. Some rackets now use shock-less grommets, which reduces grommet wear and tear. Some rackets do not have grommets. Instead, they have two separate halves interlocked together to form string channels, which provides a stiffer racket and torsional strength.


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