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High school players are scouted on two things: talent and attitude. If you have mondo talent, you can get away with more attitude, but it's not recommended. If you have less talent, a good attitude can't hurt, but it may not help. As to talent, it depends on the position you play. Quarterbacks are scouted for arm strength, accuracy, natural talent, technicals, etc. Linebackers are scouted for size, speed, strength, wits, etc. Keep in mind that the position you play in high school may not be the position you are being scouted for, if any. Most times, scouts are looking at variables which can "mixed and matched." So, if you are a linebacker, and being scouted for the above qualities, those qualities may also fit the bill as a defensive end or even a fullback. As to attitude, keep it real. Be yourself, but don't be an idiot, either on or off the field. If you're being scouted, be assured that your extracurricular activities may also be scouted. While today's athletes seem to get away with debauchery, the end of that era seems to be approaching. Owners and fans are starting to demand the old-fashioned qualities of dignity and respect. So, if you're in high school and being scouted for college, play it safe. Keep the bad boy stuff to a minimum, and then celebrate when you get that scholarship!

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Q: How do scouts evaluate you for college?
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What age should you start to try to get college soccer scouts look at you?

You should start trying to get college scouts to look at you at around age 16. This is when you will be a prime target for the scouts.

How do college scouts get paid?

With money

How many college athletes receive scholarships?

They Can be seen by scouts and scouts are people who give scholarships

Do you get looked at more by scouts when playing overseas basketball or college basketball?


How do you get noticed in high school football?

By college scouts

What does a NFL scout do?

Scouts look at players coming into the draft and evaluate how good those players are and what they are good at and need to work on.

Is their NBA scouts in San Diego?

Yes , NBA scouts are everywhere. Even though SD does not have a team, NBA scouts will come to watch college and even high school players.

How do young soccer players in middle school get noticed by scouts?

If referring to college scouts, middle school players have very little chance of being "scouted." College scouts focus their efforts on competetive tournaments in which under 16, 17, and 18 club teams participate.

What are scouts looking for in a hockey player who wants to play college hockey?


What kinds of information are employers and college scouts finding?

your name,address,age

Where could you go to college and have soccer scouts look at you?

where scouts lookusually, in state colleges like rutgers or Miami University but some do look in local colleges and a lot of division 1 and 2 scouts look there too.

What sites are employers and college scouts viewing to find out information about candidates?

Myspace and Facebook

Why is it good for schools to have college scouts there?

It is good because the students' talent can be recognized, and rewarded.

Is Alpha Phi Omega part of the Boy Scouts of America?

Alpha Phi Omega is considered the college level of the Boy Scouts of America. APO's principles came from the Scout Oath and the Scout Laws of the Boy Scouts of America. But the Boy Scouts of America does not control Alpha Phi Omega.

What is a merit badge college in Boy Scouts?

It is a day that scouts can earn up to 2 merit badges, depending on prerequisites. This is usually held within council or districts, and not by troops.

How does a player from a small high school get recognized by college scouts?

Just show them how good you play!

What websites are employers and college scouts viewing to find out information about candidates?

my space and face book

What percentage of college students are eagle scouts?

To be honest, I don't believe this statistic has been studied.

Does Girl Scouts count towards college?

Most college applications ask for things such as awards you have received and community service/volunteer work you have been involved in. Both of those things can be gained through Girl Scouts. Having been in Girl Scouts and earning the Gold Award can also make the difference when a college has several applicants to choose from. Girl Scouts really help when applying for scholarships, especially if you complete the Girl Scout Gold Award and if you do a lot of community service through Girl Scouts. There are many scholarships which are awarded based on community service. Also, there are scholarships based on having earned the Girl Scout Gold Award.

Does Germany have scouts?

As in Boy Scouts or Girl scouts? Yes but their activities differ from scouts in the US.

Will being in Boy Scouts through high school and band and soccer help you get in to a college?

Yes because it will look very good on your application to any college.

What kind of information are employers and college scouts finding?

Employers and college scouts are able to find out a lot of information about people using the internet and social media. They can look through a person's online photos, read their personal blogs and tweets, and even find out about a person's friends and family.

What is Patrick Crayton's forty time?

4.51 40 yd. dash. That was his time when he ran for the scouts coming out of college.

What do I need to do to go to the NBA?

If you are currently in college just play there and then NBA scouts will come and decide if you are the right material

What is a good speed from home to home in softball?

If college scouts are looking for you. The average, or the speed that is around 14 seconds.