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How do scouts evaluate you for college?


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High school players are scouted on two things: talent and attitude. If you have mondo talent, you can get away with more attitude, but it's not recommended. If you have less talent, a good attitude can't hurt, but it may not help. As to talent, it depends on the position you play. Quarterbacks are scouted for arm strength, accuracy, natural talent, technicals, etc. Linebackers are scouted for size, speed, strength, wits, etc. Keep in mind that the position you play in high school may not be the position you are being scouted for, if any. Most times, scouts are looking at variables which can "mixed and matched." So, if you are a linebacker, and being scouted for the above qualities, those qualities may also fit the bill as a defensive end or even a fullback. As to attitude, keep it real. Be yourself, but don't be an idiot, either on or off the field. If you're being scouted, be assured that your extracurricular activities may also be scouted. While today's athletes seem to get away with debauchery, the end of that era seems to be approaching. Owners and fans are starting to demand the old-fashioned qualities of dignity and respect. So, if you're in high school and being scouted for college, play it safe. Keep the bad boy stuff to a minimum, and then celebrate when you get that scholarship!


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