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How do you block on defense?


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2010-03-13 06:56:13
2010-03-13 06:56:13

When a cornerback picks a ball off the defensive players turn into offensive players and block for the guy running.

You can block by hitting him hard!

That doesn't always work. The most effective way is to grab the inside of whoever you're trying to block's shoulder pads and push them as hard as you can upward, he can't see, and it chokes him, works everytime.


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Simply attack in block style to concentrate your experience in defense.

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by pressing block on you thing where it has the crossed sword press that and then it will say block and just keep fighting to raise defence

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Sort of. When a team attempts a fair catch kick, the defense has to line up 10 yards away, and they can't attempt to rush the kicker. Once the ball is in the air, the defense could try to block it, but without a running start, that would be almost impossible to achieve.

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