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How do you build a wrestling ring?


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February 11, 2008 5:37PM

If you're talking about an actual pro quality wrestling ring, you need access to lots and lots of metal, and someone who knows how to work with it. Wrestling rings are primarily metal frames that connect to one another at various points to form the final shape we're used to seeing, with four 8-foot metal poles in each corner that run from the ground up. On top of this completed set is a mat and a canvas. Some rings have shocks/springs, some use plywood for more bounce and sound, though you don't want it to be too bouncy or soft. It needs to be sturdy enough to support large people.

The ropes are usually steel cables (like elevator cables) wrapped in a garden hose and then covered in a colored tape. They tie onto the turnposts via metal fasteners at three points in each pole, these three metal fasteners (12 in total) are then covered with padding to form what we know as turnbuckles.