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How do you calculate the statistical probability of dying in a plane crash?

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You calculate the statistical probability of dying in a plane crash in the same way that you calculate the probability of anything else. You simply divide the number of expected outcomes by the number of possible outcomes.

To determine the statistical probability of dying in a plane crash, you divide the number of people that have died in a plane crash by the number of people that have flown in planes. You can aggregate this anyway you want, over whatever period of time you want, so long as you properly state the conditions under which you perform your calculation.

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I could not find the odds of an airplane crashing, but I did find this: Your chances of dying in an airliner accident are about 8 million to 1. Another way to say that is, if you boarded any airliner, at random, once a day, every day, the statistical time before you were killed in an airplane crash would be 21,000 years.

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