How do you connect nine dots 3x3 square with one line?

You never stated that the line had to be a straight line. There is a famous brain teaser, the one engineers use to show graphically the abstract concept of "thinking outside the box," which is an expression we (engineers) use often and one I hear more and more from non-engineers. It reminds us not to place unnecessary constraints on oursleves when solving problems. (There are usually enough constraints already placed on us by things and people beyond our control.) Here's what you need to do: On a piece of paper, arrange nine dots in a 3 x 3 square. The goal is to connect the nine dots with only FOUR STRAIGHT lines without lifting the pencil from the paper. The lines you draw must be straight-edge straight. They may not bend or curve. Good luck, and remember to "think outside the box." (I'll give you the solution in a few days -- if no one else does!) Ok if you want the answer read carfuly the folowing text... First start at either the top (left or right) or the bottom (left or right) of the 3x by 3x dot square, make a diagnal line from one of the dots to the other at the complete other side, then make a line from that dot horizontally, to the dot at the other side of the square but continue onward the length of another invisable dot (outside of the box), then go in a diagnal line from there to the left midle dot carrying on through to the top middle dot and onward AS IF to a third top right dot. and finally go strait down to the very bottom right dot. If done correspondingly to the directions above you should have connected all nine dots with four lines. and that is how you think outside the box.

well it doesnt say where the dots are... so u can just place a line and arrange 9 dots on it