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How do you create Michael Jordan in nba2k9?


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Its actually very simple. I searched everywhere and couldn't find an answer either. I eventually decided to just try and create him myself, when I stumbled upon this cool little option on NBA2K9.

Once the game loads and brings up the default quick game screen, move the right analog stick to bring up the main menu. Click: Options> Manage Roster> Download Roster> Search Download > By Content Name.

Here, enter "Bulls 96" and press "start"

Several possible downloads will come up. The best I see as of Dec. 24, 2008 is a nice little download titled "2k update, usa 92 & 08, bulls 96, kings 01, magic 95"

With this download, you get (yes, you guessed it) The 92 Dream Team from Sydney and the 2008 Redeem Team from Beijing. Also, the championship winning 96 Bulls, and tons of Free Agents you can transfer to teams such as Barkley, Stockman, Kerr, Jordan, and any several more. There are also other downloads with other teams as well

Once you download the file, back all the way back out to the main menu and go to the Load/Save option. Click Load>Yes>2kShareRoster#(or whatever you saved it as)>OK and back out again to the main menu

Now, click Options>Manage Roster>Rosters, and use the LB and RB to cycle through your new teams and list of free agents.

You have to make a player a Free Agent (if he is not already one) before you can move him to another team in the Rosters section.

Also, once you move a player to another team, you must activate them and place them in their teams rotation. To do this, go to Options>Rotations>Then Press Down the Left Analog Stick To Rebuild the Rotation)>Yes

Its also a very good idea to save he updates as your default roster so you don't have to reload the new ones everytime you turn the game on. To do this, just go to Load/Save>Save Roster>and overwrite the default Roster file.

If this doesnt work for anyone, post a reply and let me know.

Hope this helped!