How do you do a 50-50?

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2007-06-23 04:23:14

  • 1) Learn to Ollie and get comfortable with ollieing while

    moving at a high rate of speed.

  • 2) find a ledge or rail to 50-50.

  • 3) Go fast and approach the object however you want to. Some

    people come at a 45 degree angle and some come directly at it in

    line with the direction they will 50-50.

  • 4) keep your eye on the spot where you want to lock onto the


  • 5) Ollie and lock your trucks onto the object.

  • 6) Stand up straight and keep your balance.

  • 7) spot your landing and stick it.

  • 8) ride away and then take a victory run.

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