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How do you draw a trapezoid with 3 right angles?

It would be impossible. A trapezoid can't have three right angles. It would just make a rectangle.

Can you draw a trapezoid with three right angles why?

No, because then it would be a rectangle.

What trapezoid has 2 right angles?

A right trapezoid has at least two right angles.

Is it possible to draw a trapezoid with four right angles?

No because then it would then be a square or a rectangle

Why can't you draw trapezoid with 3 right angles?

if a figure is a square, then it is a regular quadrilateral

How many right angles are in a trapezoid?

A trapezoid can have either none or two right angles.

Does a trapezoid have one or two right angles?

A trapezoid may have two right angles.

Does a trapezoid have right angles?

In general a trapezoid does not have to have right angles, but a special kind of trapezoid does. It can have 2 right angles providing that the other 2 angles are an obtuse and an acute angle.

Why can you not draw a trapezoid with three right angles?

The sum of all four angles is 360 degrees. If three of the angles were right angles then the fourth would have to be a right angle. You would then have a rectangle or a square, but not a trapezium.

How many right angles does trapezoid have?

A trapezoid can have up to two right, 90 degree angles for it still to be classified as a trapezoid.

Does a trapezoid has 4 right angles?

A shape with 4 right angles would be a square or rectangle. A trapezoid does not have any right angles..

Why is a trapezoid not a rectangle?

A rectangle has four right angles, two parallel pairs of line segments, and the lines are perpendicular. A trapezoid has one pair of parallel angles, and the angles do not have to be right, although a trapezoid with a right angle is called a right angle trapezoid, and a trapezoid with no parallel segments is a trapezium.

Is a trapezoid a rectangle?

No, a trapezoid is not a rectangle. A trapezoid does not have four right angles. Either one or none of its four angles are 90°

Do the trapezoid has at least 1 right angle?

No. A trapezoid need not have any right angles.

Can there be a trapezoid with 2 acute angles and 2 obtuse?

yes..... if you draw a trapezoid, most of them will have 2 acute angles at the bottom and two obtuse at the top.

What does a trapezoid with two right angles look like?

A trapezoid has four sides, where two of it's sides are opposite and parallel. If a trapezoid has two right angles that are adjacent to one another, it is called a right trapezoid.

Do some trapezoids have 3 right angles?

Yes, a trapezoid can have 3 right angles.

Could a trapezoid have three right angles?

No, a trapezoid could not have three right angles. If it did, it would be a rectangle, as the fourth angle would need to be 90 degrees as well. A rectangle is not a trapezoid.

What quadrilaterals have 0 right angles?

A quadrilateral with 0 right angles is a trapezoid, i know it looks like it has right angles IT DOES NOT!

Why cant a rectangle be a trapezoid?

A rectangle has four right angles; a trapezoid doesn't.

What are two properties of a trapezoid?

It has no right angles. It has two acute angles.

What types of angles are on a trapezoid?

They can be acute, right or obtuse but not reflex angles.

How many parallel sides and right angles in trapezoid?

There is one pair of parallel sides. A trapezoid can have at most one right angle. Not all trapezoids have right angles.

What does a trapezoid with three right angles look like?

A trapezoid can't have three right angles. A quadrilateral with three right angles must have a total of four right angles, since a quadrilateral's interior angles add up to 360. 360 - (3*90) = 90, so the fourth angle would have to be right as well. A quadrilateral with four right angles is not a trapezoid; instead it is a rectangle or a square.

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