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From point A to point B

You need the X and Y value of both point A and B

Formula =

Distance = Square root of [(x1 + x2)2 + (y1 + y2)2]

So therefore given points (1:2) and (5:-6)

Square root of (1 - 5)squared + (2 + 6)squared

=Square root of -4 squared + 8 squared

=Square root of 16 + 64

=Square root of 80

This can be your answer but you should go a step further

=Square root of 80

=Square root of 16 * 5

=4*Square root of 5

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How do you figure how the rate of change by looking at a graph?

formula to figure out the rate of change of a line on a graph m= y2-y1/x2-x1

Which type of graph is best suited for graphing the length of a person's hair over a year?

line graph

How do you recognize speed on a graph?

Depends on the type of graph. Usually, though, it is the length fop the line/arrow.

What graph do you use to show increase and decrease?

A line graph.A line graph.A line graph.A line graph.

Which figure is straight and has a finite length?

A line segment

What is a one dimensional figure with a measurable length?


How do you multiply and divide on a line graph?

line graph x line graph = divided line graph

What is a graph line?

A graph line is a line used in drawing mathematical line in a graph

How do you find the ratio of corresponding sides?

You divide the length of a side of the first figure by the length of the line in the same relative position in the second figure.

Is broken line graph same as the line graph?

no because the broken line graph is a line graph that is broken da!

How do you construct a similar figure?

The two defining requirements of similar figures is that the corresponding angles are all equal and that the ratio of corresponding sides is a constant.So if you know the ratio, R, then draw a line parallel to a line of the first figure whose length is R*(length of line in first figure). At its end, draw an angle congruent to the corresponding angle in the first figure. Draw the other arm of the angle so that its length is R*(length of the corresponding line in the first figure). Continue until you return to the starting point.

How are a bar graph and a line graph different?

a bar graph is a graph that displays data using bars and a line graph is a graph that displays data in a line

A graph of frequency against the reciprocal of the wave length?

The graph is a straight line, passing through the origin, with a slope equal to the speed of the wave.

What type of graph or chart would be best for showing the relationship between bird wing length and average flight distance?

a line graph

What are the differences of a plot and graph?

A line graph is a line plotted on a 4 quadrant graph. A line plot is a graph that plots values on a graph !

How is a bar graph differet from a line graph?

a line graph is over time. a bar graph is not

How do you calculate percent elongation in materials?

To calculate percent elongation with an equation: [(final length - initial length) / initial length] x 100 = percent elongation On a graph - To calculate percent elongation, draw a line to the x-axis from the point of fracture parallel to the straight line part of the graph. The extension at this point is then divided by the gauge length.

What is a cluster on a line graph?

A cluster in a line graph is the major part of the line graph that connects to the plot.

Why line graph is used for temperature in a climate graph?

the line graph is the temperature!

What is the difference between a line graph and broken line graph?

a broken line graph has numbres going everywhere and a line graph has numbers going on a steady rate (e.g 50,10,90 for a broken line graph) (eg 2,4,6 for a line graph) hope i helped :D

What does a line graph related to?

It is related to the two variables that are plotted in the line graph.It is related to the two variables that are plotted in the line graph.It is related to the two variables that are plotted in the line graph.It is related to the two variables that are plotted in the line graph.

What is better to use to weigh a puppy circle graph or line graph?

line graph

What is a line graph in the coordinate plane that has no breaks in it?

It is a continuous line graph.

What are the three different types of graphs?


The black figure is an ellipse and the black line segment is its major axis What is the length of the blue line segment?

The Answer Is 9.5

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