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there is no mode at all then

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Optimal Answer If there is no repeating numbers, then there is no mode, because there are no numbers that show up more than others.

Well since theres no repeating number you would just put none

If there is no repeating numbers, then there is no mode, because there are no numbers that show up more than others. (:

To find the mode of numbers put them in order and the mode is the most often. I remember this by MO standing for Most Often!! I don't know the actual answer but this is how you find the mode!!!! If the numbers appear the same amount of times, there is no mode.

If there is no repeated numbers there is simply no mode. If there is two numbers that are the same, (example: 3,3) then that will be your mode. (Data: 3,3 Mode:3)

If there are no recurring numbers than the answer would be no mode, or 0.

How do i find the mode of the number six?

To find the mode:Add all the numbers together.Divide that number by the number of numbers that you added.And voila! You have the mode. Enjoy.

It is whatever number is repeated the most in that givin set of numbers, there can be no mode or multiple numbers considered as the mode.

The mode of a set of numbers is the number that occurs most often.

Mode is the subject that occurs most. examples:(if you have a set of numbers then its numbers if you have animals its animals)

If you want to find the mode, you have to find the most common number in a list of numbers.

Just to tell you guys this website is answerd from other people so why listen to them. The answer is there is no mode not lieing. no freakin listen to me

If you have calculated a histogram of your data, the mode is the interval with the highest relative frequency. If you have not created a histogram, and your dataset contains finite numbers (fixed decimal numbers), with some numbers repeating, then those numbers that repeat the most would be the mode. Otherwise, if you do not group your data, where you select an interval to calculate relative frequency, then a mode is not identifiable.

The number that is repeated the most times is the mode.

mode means the most repeating number there is EX: 15,17,19,20,20,20,24,26,34 then 20 would be the mode because its the most repeating number.

the mode of a set amount of numbers is the number that is repeated the most, if you have two numbers then add them together and divide them by 2.

If you are referring to statistics, to find the mode, you find the number that occurs most frequently in a set of numbers. There may be more than one mode.

Then either there is no mode or you write down that all the numbers are the mode.

Find the most reoccurring number.

Together they tell you more about a series of numbers that any one of them. mean - average median - middle number if the numbers are listed from smallest to largest mode - most common number If your mean and median are close to one another, the statistical distribution is usually fairly good. Likewise, if the mode is close to the mean and median, it gives more verification that the distribution is a nice bell curve. The mode is probably the least useful of the three, as it assumes that there are many repeating numbers. In many actual situations, there aren't enough repeating numbers to make the mode of any value.

It is the number that occurs the most in the list of numbers

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