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How do you get a Save in pitching?

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2015-07-15 21:45:58
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A save is when a pitcher comes in at the end of the game and keeps the losing team 3 runs less than the team he is pitching for.

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get the remaining out of the game, with no more than a 3 run lead and/or having at least the tying run on deck, to conserve the win


pitch the final 3 innings (at least 9 official outs) of the win


requirements for a pitcher to record an official save are:

- pitcher must enter the game while their team is winning, past the "official inning of record", this varies by league -- MLB this is the 5th inning (so must enter in 6th or after)

- tying run must be on base, at bat, on deck, or "in the hole" when you enter the game

- your team must win the game, without losing the lead, and you record the final out of the game

if you do the above then you record a save

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SVO stands for Save Opportunities, and is a statistic tracked for relief pitchers.

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Ted Abernathy. Abernathy, pitching for the Chicago Cubs, saved 31 games in 1965.

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'Pitching a no no' is baseball slang for pitching a no-hitter.

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It means Saves, like if say Mariano Rivera (closer) was pitching and there was two outs in the bottom of the ninth and Rivera strikes the batter out than that would be considered a save.

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save energy,save money,save the plants

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