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How do you get an out in baseball?

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2007-06-14 03:31:44

There are many ways. Some of the most common are as


1. catching a batted ball in the air

2. tagging a runner

3. forcing a runner out

4. striking out a batter

Some of the less common ones are as follows;

1. Infield fly rule - (if there is a runner on any first, and if

there is less than 2 outs, and the batter hits a pop up in the

infield, the umpires can automatically call the batter out- this

prevents the infielder from intentionally dropping the ball, and

forcing the double play)

2. Dropped strike three - (if there is a two strike count, and if

you swing and miss, and if the catcher drops the ball, you can run

to first and try to beat the ball)

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