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How do you get better at basketball?

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βˆ™ 2011-06-09 19:10:07

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try your best and do whats right

2011-06-09 19:10:07
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Q: How do you get better at basketball?
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Basketball is a better sport

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Is basketball better than netball?

Basketball is way, way better!

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Basketball -

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For gripping the basketball better.

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Basketball.Football is good also but I agree basketball is better because you get to have fun without getting tackled

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How to be a better shooter in basketball?

You need to practice a lot if you want to become a better shooter in basketball.

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AnswerBasketball shoes.AnswerSkate shoes are better.Bull crap. Skate shoes don't do anything except extra grip, which annoy your legs. Basketball shoes look better and work better :PI agree with basketball shoes being better^_^

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national basketball.

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Practicing and knowing your opponents weaknesses can make you a better basketball player.

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Practicing and knowing your opponents weaknesses can make you a better basketball player.

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theres nothing better than experience in basketball.

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That really depends on what you like. Whatever sport you like better would be the better career choice to make. In terms of money, than basketball. Basketball. More pay and less injuries.

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basketball is better then football!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No, no it definitely is NOT. yes. yes it is.

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nascar basketball is gay nascar is the best