How do you glue a plastic football figure?

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Use super glue for this.
You have to use glue of course and you need someone to hold it together while you glue it
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How do you dissolve glue from plastic surfaces?

Drano Max Gel works. It its safe for plastic Better (much safer) answer: Assuming we're talking about the standard kinds of glue left over from labels and such, just use some oily substance. Oil, moisturizer, or even tissues containing moisturizer are often enough to do the job. ( Full Answer )

How do you glue plastic?

you don't ANS 2 - There are hundreds of kinds of "PLASTIC" -please be more specific.

What glue bonds glass to plastic?

Depends on the kind of plastic, but try 100% clear silicone . It's good with many plastics. ( but in future ,please be more specific, - 'plastic' covers hundreds of different compounds.

How do you remove super glue from plastic?

You may take Goo Gone and rub it in, in circles, until the superglue comes off. Or use Goo Gone multiple times until glue is off of the surface. Actually goo gone is NOT SAFE for use on plastics and will "melt" the plastic surface. This damage is NOT repairable (I found out the hard way!) OR ( Full Answer )

What glue would you use to glue plastic to plastic?

Amazing Goop! Automotive contact adheisive I used this glue to rebuild the headlight casing on my car, All Plastic. This glue is clear, and will bond anything, water tight with a quick bond. THIS STUFF ROCKS!!! ANS 2 -There are HUNDREDS of kinds of 'plastic' - many plastics are best g ( Full Answer )

What is the glue for gluing plastic to plastic?

There are many kinds of plastics with many different glues. I suspect you may be asking about plastic models, in this case polystyrene glue available in hobby stores is best.

How can you make plastic glue?

To make plastic glue there is a formula derived from milk heat a cup of milk and add 3-4 spoons of vinegar. Strain the curds from the whey maybe water absorbing paper towel use the lumpy bits to make an adhesive by adding a couple of teaspoons of baking soda and water to dilute. Scuff surfaces of pl ( Full Answer )

How do you glue plastic to plastic?

Depends on the type of plastic. Many plastics have glue made from their solutions. Some can be partially dissolved and joined together by the right chemical, some needs to be prepped with an etching agent to get a glue to stick to them.

How do you get glue off clear plastic?

Depends on which glue. Many can be cut off with a sharp thin blade, then removed entirely with a solvent. The problem is in finding a solvent that does not damage the plastic.

How do you get super glue off of plastic?

The best method would be to use a solvant. Acetone has been suggested by the manufacturer as a good solvant for the glue. Acetone is often found in household nail polish remover, and a small amount on the end of a Q-tip or cotton swab applied directly to the glue should dissolve the bond. ANS 2 ( Full Answer )

What kinds of glue are used on plastics?

Glues suitable for each specific plastic, and there are dozens. Just because a glue works on one kind of plastic, doesn't make it universal.

What glue is used for acrylic plastic?

Acrylic glue. =Weld On #3, #4 or #16. That's basically the same acrylic glue in different viscosities, available in plastics shops.

Wood glue for plastic?

It there isn't much stress between the plastic and the wood, you should be able to use wood glue to join them. However, if the plastic is extremely smooth, I doubt it will have a strong hold. I tried to use wood glue to attach plastic sheet to wood last night, and so far it is holding. But if I inde ( Full Answer )

What glue is used for plastic?

There are many different plastics and consequently, many different glues to stick them. You would have to specify which plastic.

What glue works best for plastic to plastic?

i found a solvent kind of glue called dichloroethene works well ANS 2 - 'Plastic' is such a nebulous term. There are so many different plastics these days that a question like this is almost impossible to answer. - Polystyrene, Polyvinyl, vinyl, PVC, ABS, CPVC, plexiglass, Lucite, acrylite ,etc, ( Full Answer )

Can you super glue plastic to fabric?

On the most bottles of Super Glue it says under the Directions label "Do not use on Fabric" so I would think that wouldn't work too well.

Can you break the bond of plastic glue?

Yes, you can break the bond from almost any glue. ANS 2 - NOT TRUE ! - If glue appropriate to the plastic is used properly it will almost never break on the glue joint, but close to it. - Same goes for wood glue -if I join 2 pieces of wood, you will never break it at the joint !

What glue is used to stick polystyrene plastic?

Polystyrene plastic is the main component of millions of plastic. There are a number of polystyrene glues available in model and hobby stores. Almost all are a form of Butanone. I prefer to use MEK for my models. Mek is a form of industrial butanone. Super glues can also be used in polystyrene plast ( Full Answer )

How do you get rid of glue on plastic?

try to chip it off with the edge of a screw driver! ANS 2 - There are SO MANY types of 'plastic' that a sensible answer is almost impossible. ( -But it certainly would not involve any chipping with screwdrivers.)

How do you dissolve Contact Glue from Plastic?

You can not dissolve it as anything that dissolves contact glue will also dissolve the plastic. Best way is to cut off what you can with a sharp craft knife.

What plastics does epoxy glue?

Epoxy will glue almost all plastics with the exception of the 'slippery' ones like polypropylelen, polyethylene, PEX, CPVC, and similar.

What glue do you use to join plastics together?

There are hundreds of kinds of 'plastics', each with their own best glues.For instance, what glues ABS, will not glue PVC, what glues polystyrene will not glue Lexan. -You must specify a plastic.

What is the glue for gluing plastic To Wood?

Many of the modern glues will glue plastics to wood. ( Don't try with school glue or white glue, they will appear to stick, but will come off the plastic quite easily when fully cured. ) The kind of glues that WILL do this well are any epoxy or a silicone based glue like 'Goop' or 'Seal All'. They ( Full Answer )

Will wood glue work on plastic?

No, most plastics are smooth and non-porous. For wood glue to work well it needs to soak into the materials that it's gluing. It can not do this with plastic, so will seem to stick at first, but will come loose when fully cured.

How do you get PVA glue off metal and plastic?

well i think its best to put olive oil on the object (metal and plastic) and then take a knife and jag it in. if your under 14 ask a adult to help you jag the knife in. once you have jagged it in put it in fully and then pull the knife out and then peel it off with your hands. if this does not w ( Full Answer )

What glue is used to stick plastic?

AS there is no single plastic, there is no single glue used to stick plastic. Many different plastics use many different glues.

What glue could use to glue wood to plastic?

an number of glues mainly strong ones like the ones the come in that tube with a nozzel and u have to get a tool to squeeze it out. . /\ - something like this!. ==. | |. | |. | |. ---.

Where can you buy plastic glue from?

You can purchase plastic glue from stores such as The Home Depot. Alternatively, you can also purchase this glue online from retailers such as Amazon.

Will elmer's glue stick to plastic wrap?

Elmer's Epoxy and Elmer's Spray Adhesive will stick to plastic wrap. - Elmer's School glue and Elmer's Glue -All will NOT stick to plastic wrap.