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When volume increases does mass increase?

This is not entirely true. The mass will only increase with volume if you are adding more to to increase the volume. However, you can increase the volume without increasing mass. An example of this would be heating something. As you heat things the molecules want to move about more, as this happens ( Full Answer )

Why does radiation increase when you increase altitude?

There is a direct correlation in as much that the atmosphere absorbs some radiation but it's not as straight forward as that. Firstly the term radiation is not specific and can refer to any wavelength across the electromagnetic spectrum and can also refer to ionising particle radiation. Secondly the ( Full Answer )

Does mass increase if you increase the pressure?

No. Mass can't be created or destroyed in any system. However much you start out with is how much you end up with. That is called the Law of Conservation of Mass.

Why does your pulse increase as your exercise increases?

Because you body is working at a faster rate, so the demand for oxygen is increased. So your heart has to pump faster to get more oxygenated blood to circlulate your body (more specifically the working muscles) and has to distribute the Carbon dioxide from the working muscles to the alveoli to be di ( Full Answer )

Why pressure increase as temperature increase?

as temperature increases matter moves quicker and that causes the pressure to increase Another Answer When a molecule absorbs heat, the absorption of an infrared wave causes some of the electrons to increase their distance from the nucleus. This stored energy appears as a swelling of the mol ( Full Answer )

Why resistance increases as current increases?

If the current through a pure metallic conductor causes the temperature of that conductor to rise, then its resistance will increase. A practical example of this is an electric lamp. The cold resistance of a lamp is very much lower than the hot resistance.

What increases as water vapor increases?

Scientists studying the Earth's climate changes have found that increased temperatures lead to increases in water vapor in the atmosphere, which adds to global warming. This means that increases in temperature and water vapor feed each other.

When length increases resistance increases why?

this is because there will be more collisions between atoms and electrons as there is a greater distance to travel. The longer the length of wire, the more collisions. It is like a traffic jam, the longer the road, the loner you are stuck in it for.

Why do solubilities increase when the temp increases?

The kinetic energy of solvent molecules increases with increasing temperature. As they have greater kinetic energy, they have a greater ability to overcome the forces that hold the solute molecules/ions together. Therefore, they are more easily able to form a solution.

Does increase in activity increase your bmr?

An increase in activity does in fact increase your BMR depending if you increase the activity everyday if it is only for one day then your BMR won't change that much or it won't change at all

Why does mass increase when weight increases?

Mass doesn't change. Mass is the amount of 'stuff' that an object is made of. That doesn't change. Whether the object is on the earth, on the moon, in orbit, or in outer space, it has the same mass. When an object is in a gravitational field and not falling, it has weight. The more mass it has, ( Full Answer )

If you increase the volume will it increase the mass?

Well, let's see . . . I'm pretty sure there's more mass in Lake Michigan than there is in a glass of water. But: If you keep the amount of "stuff" (the 0.3 liters of water in the glass) the same and increase the volume by turning it into gas (just let it evaporate) then the volume is greate ( Full Answer )

What increases as gas increases?

a. volume b. pressure c. temperature d. some combinations of the above (if you add more gas to the same volume of a container, then the pressure increases etc.)

When density increases does mass increase?

No, and here is an example why. Suppose the earth could be compressed down to the size a ping pong ball. At this density, the escape speed would exceed the speed of light and therefore be classified as a black hole. But, even at this size and density it would still rotate around the sun (sun doesn't ( Full Answer )

Why does speed increase when slope increases?

The slope of the line on a graph of position vs. time is a representation of the speed. When the speed increases, its representation on the graph increases, otherwise it wouldn't be called a "representation". The appearance of a person's hair-do in a photograph is a representation of the leng ( Full Answer )

If speed increases does acceleration increase?

not necessarily. on earth for example there is a constant acceleration of 9.8 m/s^2. if you drop an object off a building its speed will increase but the acceleration acting on the object will remain the same I think probably the accelaration of the object will increase from newton's law. V^2 = ( Full Answer )

Vicosity increases as temperature increases?

"Viscosity" is basically a resistance to flow. Viscosity is inversly proportional to Temperature. For example, high viscous heavy fuel is heated to right temperature to lower its viscosity for proper combustion in diesel engines or boiler.

When temperature increases does resistance increase?

The answer to this depends on the material from which the resistance is made. For most materials resistance increases with increasing temperature. This is referred to as having a "positive temperature coefficient". Some materials have a negative temperature coefficient; these do have uses in elect ( Full Answer )

Why coldness increases as the altitude increases?

The air becomes thinner, thus it cannot retain heat as does heavier air. Also air closer to the earth's surface will be affected by the thermal mass of the earth, which retains heat.

Why does pressure increase as elevation increase?

because the clouds create a mist that is full of H, which can touch the earths atmosphere. it creates pressure in our ears because the ear wax chemically reacts to the H

Does temperature increase as latitude increases?

No, temperatures generally decrease as latitudes increase. The equator (30° to 40°C) is 0° latitude while the poles (0° to -40°C) are at 90° latitude.

Why does temperature increase when pressure increases?

This phenomenon is covered under Charles' Law . Basically, if a gas is contained in a fixed volume, as it IS a gas, there's a fair amout of movement of the gas moelcules. If you reduce the volume, molecules have less room to travel, and so they travel faster (conservation of energy). This speed-up ( Full Answer )

When we increase temperature solubility increases?

Yes, it is true for most of the cases. But when heat is evolved after dissolution of a solute (Exothermic process) or solute is a gas then in such cases solubility decreases on increasing temperatures.

Increased temperature will increase what?

It depends on experiment or observations it may increase, 1- kinetic energy of molecules, 2- number of collisions among molecules per unit time, 3- solubility of a substance in water, 4- rate of evaporation of a liquid, 5-rate of a reaction and several other factors.

Does increase in appetite increase your metabolism?

Often. it only increases your metabolism enough to digest the added calories. But, it could very well increase your weight! Not appetite increase your metabolism if you are having light food but Spicy food doesn't just taste great, it actually increases your metabolism too. Black Pepper, Ginger, ( Full Answer )

If mass increases does weight increase?

Weight is a function of the gravitational interaction between objects. If two objects are interacting (i.e. a person and the earth) and either the mass of the earth or the mass of the person increases then there will be an increase in the weight (gravitational attraction). ~Mass and weight are no ( Full Answer )

Is AC increased as frequency is increased?

It depends on the nature of the load. For inductive loads , the current will fall, because inductive reactance is directly-proportional to frequency. For capacitive loads , the current will increase, because capacitive reactance is inversely-proportional to current. For resistive loads , there ( Full Answer )

Why does energy increase when voltage increases?

If we increase the voltage by adding extra cells or batteries we give the electrical charges more energy and so, the current flowing around the circuit increases.

Does temperature increases on increase in altitude?

No. It may be tempting to assume that the sun warms the outermost atmosphere more because it is closer to this layer. However, we know this is not the case. Anyone that has ever climbed to the peak of a mountain knows that things get colder as they make their ascent. Indeed, it is clearly evident th ( Full Answer )

Why the temperature increases as current increases?

The current is the flow of electrons. Temperature is the movement of atoms. As the current increases there is more collisions between the atoms and the electrons. Some of the energy from the electrons is transferred to the atoms, thus they move faster and so the temperature increases.

Does time increase when mass increase and how?

If a friend of yours happens to drive through your laboratory at a large fraction of the speed of light, and as he whizzes through, you measure his mass and the rate at which his wristwatch is running, you will find that his mass is larger than you thought, and his watch is running slow. If ( Full Answer )

Does viscocity increase as temperature increases?

No, viscosity, the property that makes honey, say, flow slower than water, goes up - becomes more thick - as the temperature decreases. A high viscosity liquid like, say, cold molasses, flows very slowly. Its viscosity is high. To make cold molasses flow faster, it is warmed so that its viscosity ( Full Answer )

What increases as force increases?

Force=mass*acceleration Therefore if force increases so does mass and/or acceleration. In most cases the answer will be acceleration because the mass increase is nearly un-observable.

Does capacitance increase when the temperature increases?

It depends on what the capacitance is. 1. Capacitors may show a positive temperature coefficient, 2. "N750" ceramic capacitors have a negative coefficient of -750parts per million per degree (ppm/º), 3. "NPO" ceramic types have a substantially zero ppm/º. Check the Wikipedia entry for "cer ( Full Answer )

How to increase?

You can harness the natural power of neuroplasticity to increaseyour cognitive abilities, enhance your ability to learn newinformation.