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opposites: if it is a negative, make it a positive. if it is a positive, make it a negative

absolute value: take the number without any sign. if it is negative, make it positive. if it is positive, keep it as a positive,

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How do you know if an equation is linear?

You know if an equation is linear if it is a straight line. You can also know if the equation is y = mx + b where there are no absolute values nor exponents.

Why do you need to know about integers?

What you need to know about integers is that integers is the name for the group of numbers that include whole numbers and negative numbers. But integers DO NOT include fractions.

How do you Enter 2D Coordinates in GstarCAD?

Absolute coordinates are based on the UCS origin (0,0), which is the intersection of the X and Y axes. Use absolute coordinates when you know the precise X and Y values of the point.

Are electrons attracted to protons?

yes they are. you know what they say, "opposites attract"

How do you know if fractions are integers?

Fractions are integers when their denominator is 1 or when the numerator has the same value as the denominator.

Why is it important to know how multiply and divide integers?

why is it important to know how to multiply

What is the absolute value for 7?

What is the absolute value of you. Oh wait I know.$ -9000000000

Where can you use integers at?

Every aspect of mathematics depends upon integers, and even if you don't do any mathematics, you count things with integers. If you even want to know how many guests you are having for dinner, you need to use integers.

Sum of squares of 2 consecutive integers is 41?

Since 16 + 25=41, we know the integers are 4 and 5.

You like someone and they know but you want them to like you back?

Figure out what they like and remember opposites attract.

What are some specific jobs where you would you use integers?

All i know is there are none though the integers can be used logically in daily life .

How integers relates to the daily human lifes?

I don't know much about your daily life. But if you evercount anything, then you use integers to do it.

What is the absolute value of --8?

Absolute value of --8 is 8.

Why is it important to learn how to subtract and add with different integers?

Because otherwise you would only know how to subtract and add with the same integers. Not a particularly useful skill unless just those integers turned up!

Why is it useful for me to know the absolute value of a number?

The absolute value of a number is the distance to zero. When adding which ever number has the greater absolute value will determine the sign of the answer.

How do you explain integers and exponents etc to some people who already know what they are?

If they already know what they are why do you need to explain to them?

What are the Aztec moral values?

hello gilberto i dont know what the moral values are muahahahahahahahahah

What is Sudan's absolute location?

i really dont know what it is

What is the Absolute location of Kyoto?

I don't know, can you tell me the answer?

What is the absolute magnitude of Pegasus?

i dont know that why i was asking

Is wrapper unwraps an oxymoron?

I don't know if it makes sense, but yes when two opposites are paired together then it is an oxymoron.

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