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its on the engine. it keeps your mower from getting to much fuel and going to fast. many racers remove these for speed, but if you remove it, you risk over spinning the motor and blowing it up

It depends on the mower, but some go 2 miles an hour.

Lawn Mower Racing- G-Team- web link

Check this link:

big pulley on engine small on tranny

the lawn mower push! repeat this fast on their face.

It will hit around 100 miles per hour

When a riding mower is idling too fast, the idle adjustment screw may need to be adjusted. Slowly turn the screw in a counterclockwise direction a little at a time until it idles at the correct speed.

Just a standard 20/30 weight motor oil.

i guess so if it runs and goes fast it must work

Anything over 500 mph is considered 'fast'

By not eating anything.

There are varrious type of pulleys used with flat belts depending on the material. 1. Cast iron pulley. 2. Steel Pulley. 3. Wooden Pulley. 4. Paper pulley. 5. Fast and loose pulley

A bunch of scissors all being snipped at the same time really fast!

Let's see how fast we can reeve this rope through those pulleys. Rove is a past tense of reeve, but so is reeved.

i took a couple of wheel barrow wheels, welded a frame using the front of a bmx bike for the steering. build the engine in. find a riding mower transmission. couple the tranny to the mower motor by a belt and pulleys. leave the belt loose and put a third, freewheeling, pulley to tighten the belt (this will act like a clutch) gear the tranny out put to the rear wheel. my 4.5 horse Murray ran through a 3 speed rider transmission will climb a 30 degree slope in first and easily does 3omph in 3rd which is scary fast. half the fun is figuring out how to build it, have fun

In the movies anything can be done.

about 300,000 kilometers (186,300 miles) per second ... the most fast of anything

185 Km/hr or 115 miles/hr then the governor kicks in.

The governor in a car engine limits how fast the car can go. If you took it out, the car wouldn't have a limit and would keep going faster and would break down.

No, as if you have anything it will show up in you blood.

Stay busy. When you are busy - with almost anything - time goes very fast.

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