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How do you make xp connect to the lan before it displays the logon?


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open the MMC and add the group policy snap-in. Under Computer Configuration-->Administrative Templates-->System-->Logon, change "Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon" to ENABLED.


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Windows 2003 allows you to control when users can log on to the network. You do this by setting their valid logon hours. You can use logon hour restrictions to tighten security and prevent system cracking or malicious conduct after normal business hours. During valid logon hours, users can work as they normally do. They can log on to the network and access network resources. During restricted logon hours, users can't work. They can't log on to the network or make connections to network resources. If users are logged on when their logon time expires, what follows depends on the account policy you've set for them. Generally, one of two things happens to the user:Forcibly disconnected You can set a policy that tells Windows 2000 to forcibly disconnect Windows 2000 users when their logon hours expire. If this policy is set, remote Windows 2000 users are disconnected from all network resources and logged off the system when their hours expire.Not disconnected Users aren't disconnected from the network when they enter the restricted hours. Instead, Windows 2000 simply doesn't allow them to make any new network connections.Configuring Logon Hours in Windows Server 2003To configure the logon hours, follow these steps:Access the user's Properties dialog box in Active Directory Users And Computers and then choose the Account tab.Click the Logon Hours button. Set the valid and invalid logon hours using the Logon Hours dialog box shown. In this dialog box each hour of the day or night is a field that can be turned on and off. To change the setting for an hour, click it. Then select either the Logon Permitted or Logon Denied option button.Hours that are allowed are filled in with a dark bar.Hours that are disallowed are blank.

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