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Hannah Montana

How do you ollie way way way high?


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November 07, 2007 9:34PM

I hope the following helps:

1. Put your front foot only SLIGHTLY left/right (dependent on your stance) from the center, this will level out the board the most, allowing for more height to be gained (note: ollie height is measured by the lowest point of your board). 2. Place your back foot about halfway on and off the tail. 3."Pop" the tail down. (push down on the tail to bring the front of the board up.) 4.Jump as HIGH as you can, most beginners seem to think that ollies are magical and will send you high without any effort. 5.Turn your front foot inwards and slide it as straight forward as possible, and as far as possible without moving it off the board. 6.Suck your knees up towards your chest, the board will only go as high as your feet.

7.Land It! Bend your knees to help absorb the impact more.