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If you are a right handed player then take the corck to the right side and hit it by the racket..try it.

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What are the teaching points of a forehand shot in badminton?

Whne you are playing a shot in badminton, each shot has its own points... A forehand is 3

What is a forehand shot in badminton?

A forehand shot in badminton is where the shuttlecock is hit forward with the racquet without crossing the upper body as in a backhand shot.

Why do you use forehand in badminton?

when you want a high serve

What are the badminton swings called?

backhand overhead forehand serve xoolator

What is the type of grip for badminton?

the 2 common grips are the forehand and backhand

What are 3 badminton skills?

High serve, lift, forehand smash

Drive shot in badminton?

For backhand, push the badminton racket forward with medium strength to make the shuttlecock drive forward. Same for forehand.

What are the 2 types of grip in badminton?

Thw forehand grip and the backhand grip. you're welcome.

Describe a forehand shot in badminton?

A shot in which the hand flexes at the wrist, similar to how a person throws a ball.

What is the most basic badminton skill?

If you are able to hit the ball, using both forehand and backhand, then you're doing great. Those are the most basic hits used in badminton.

What is a backhand drop in a badminton game?

using your backhand and flick it slightly over the net. similar to a forehand drop.

What is the terms of forehand in badminton?

there are basically two types of how you can hit forehand backhand forehand in any sport means using the side of your palm to hit the object and backhand means using the opposit side of your palm to hit. according to my knowledge i think this is the answer. hope this helped. :)

How do you perform drop shot in badminton?

A dropshot is a very gentle stroke in which a shuttle is struck with a forehand, backhand or round the head action to direct it towards the top of the net, so that after crossing the net, it falls in the opponent's court very close to the net.

Terminologies of badminton?

Terminologies in badminton include attacking clear, back court, backhand, and base position. It also includes baseline, carry, center line, clear, doubles, drive, fault, feint, flick, forecourt, and forehand.

What are a list of terminology words related to badminton?

backhandbaselinecarrydrop shotforehandgamekillmatchpassing shotrallyservesmash

Name three shots used in badminton?

The smash- fast, downward hit onto opponent's side. Forehand- A standard motion of badminton. Usually over your head. Clear- A far shot to the back of your opponent's court. Usually followed by a drop shot.

Basic skills of badminton?

there are three basic skills:-correct gripping of your racket-serve-A good forehand overhead stroke is formed upon a good overhead throwing movement.

What is forehand in tennis?

Forehand in tennis is a type of shot that you do with your right hand (if you are left handed you do forehand with your left hand).

How tall is Jeff Forehand?

Jeff Forehand is 6' 4".

When is a forehand drive used in badminton?

To return a doubles serve. To push an oppenent back very quickly after a drop if you catch the bird high enough on your forehand side. It is preferred by most players and is most convenient to use backhand drives because the grip can provide more strength and can cover more area.

What is forehand swing?

A forehand is when you swing towards the ball with your dominant hand.

What year did Forehand Arms stamp Forehand on shotguns along with the Hopkins and Allen Arms stamp?

The other way around I believe. Hopkins and Allen bought Forehand in 1903 and continued producing Forehand guns for a few years.

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