How do you send open letter to Roger Goodell?

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Is Roger Goodell good for the NFL?

Not if he continues to allow officials to determine the outcome of a game. The entire crew, from the Tampa Bay- Chicago Bears game on 9/21/2008, should be fired. They gave the

Who is Commissioner Roger Goodell favorite football team?

After doing some research on this and adding up all of the facts, it seems to me that Roger Goodell's favorite team is the New York Jets. He was born in New York, so I figured

How tall is roger goodell?

About 6'4" As he looked 2" shorter than RG3, and the same height as Johnny Manziel, Goodell is about 6' tall.

What team did roger goodell play on?

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell has never played on a college or NFL team. He was a 3 sport star in High School (Football, Basketball, and Baseball), and
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How old is Roger Goodell?

Roger Goodell is 58 years old (born February 19, 1959).
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What movie and television projects has Roger Goodell been in?

Roger Goodell has: Played Himself - NFL Commissioner in "Today" in 1952. Played Himself (segment "The Commissioner") in "60 Minutes" in 1968. Played Himself - NFL Commissioner
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Why did so many New England Patriots fan hate Roger Goodell?

Why do the New England Fans hate Roger Goodell? Its a complicated,and yet its not, all at the same time. The hate for the commissioner dates back to 2007. It started withspyg