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In reality it does not effect the game that drastically. The footing is a bit less stable, however the players simply change cleats to accommodate the wet grass. On turf it actually gets sticker. The passing game is also slightly effected. More through vision than any other factor. Balls (at the pro level) are shuffled in and out after every play, and the receivers keep their hands fairly dry, so in reality, other than making the players a bit uncomfortable, it doesn�t change much.

I imagine it affects it the same way it affects soccer. You slip and slid more, even if they do change into bigger cleated shoes. Ability to hold a block is probably diminished. I wouldn't be surprised if the ball begins to feel like a big rock, just like in soccer. Even if they do change it out! In some ways it might be more fun, or at least more challenging. For both sides!

yes it totally does i mean i think the ball is more slipperier and so is the ground.


It becomes more of a passing game as it becomes more difficult to run on a soggy field


It becomes more of a running game as it becomes more difficult to throw and catch a wet ball

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Q: How does rain affect the game of football?
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no football game has, they play through any weather!

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How does rain affect a quarterback's throw?

Here is how rain affects a quarterback's throw: *Rain makes the ball wet and heavier which will shorten the distance it travels, as well as the trajectory.. *Rain makes it harder to grip the ball, affecting the quarterback's ability to impart spin and force to it. *Rain hitting the ball will shorten the distance it travels, as well as the trajectory. *A wet uniform, as well as being cold, can affect the quarterback's ability to throw. *Rain can also affect vision, making the target harder to determine. *Mud and wet fields make footing less sure and can affect the force the quarterback imparts to the football.

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