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How far can you throw a baseball and football?


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there is no awnser for how far you can throw a Baseball football softball...ect. everyone has there own strenght which gives them the ability to throw farther..for example my brother has more muscle so he can through a football a 100ft. but i have less sttrenght and can througha football only 50ft. Many professional baseball and football players can throw a football or baseball father then a child of age 13 or even 18

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You throw a football like you would a baseball.

it depends on how hard you throw

they can throw it about 50 to 120mph

Tim Tebow can throw a football between 65 and 70 yards

A flat football goes as far as a Hoagie Does *dughs I can throw a flat football a spiral around the circumference of the room 4

Because a baseball is much lighter than a football !

The Pressure of your hand and how hard you throw it

There is no definitive record for the longest football throw in history, but many believe former NFL quarterback Vinny Testaverde's 80-yard throw in the 1988

No it doesn't really matter it is just if you can throw far.

you need it to throw the ball far

Jeff garcia i don't think he can throw over 60 yards

Probably 85 yards in the air

actually its up to how far it goes it does hurt

it depends how hard you throw each

Basketball, Baseball, Football, Rugby, Soccer.

to be able to throw a football far 30+ yeards you must have good arm strentgh and must know proper technique release ball at when reaches tip of nose is how everyone is tought to throw and must know lace position which i do not know off the top of my head

it is claimed he could throw a baseball 400 feet

Lift weights that will improve your upper body strength. Throwing a football far does not just include arm muscles but pecks as well as your torso.

he was measured in spring practice 2011 at 52 yards thats his longest throw out of 15 tries

If you throw it right, the football will spiral everytime.

recorded on the off season he threw 110 yards

The throw from first to third is 127' 3-3/8 inches.

I'm guessing between 95 & 105 miles per hour

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