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How far from the line of scrimmage does the punter stand?

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10 or 15

Generally speaking the punter has his heels at 14 yards behind the line of scrimmage. If the ball is within 5 yards of the goal line, or in football vernacular you are kicking from the shadow of your own goalpost, the punter will have his heel as close to the back of the end zone as he is comfortable with.

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How far from the line of scrimmage does the field goal kicker stand?

7 yards

How far do NFL kickers stand from the line of scrimmage?

It is not known how far exactly NFL kickers stand from the line of scrimmage when attempting a field goal. Most NFL kickers average a field goal range of 35 yards.

How far can lineman line up away from the line of scrimmage?

They have to be within 1 yard to be considered "on the line".

Is there a rule that puts holder back 7yards from line of scrimmage on point after touchdown kicks?

No. This distance is used because it is far enough from the line of scrimmage that it's difficult for the defense to interfere with the kick, but not so far that the kick is difficult to make.

Why is the football placed eight yards behind the line of scrimmage for a field goal attempt?

Most field goals are kicked from 7 or eight yards behind the line but that is not a rule in the rule book.. The ball must be kicked from behind the line of scrimmage and 7 or 8 yards gives the ball time to rise above the lineman and is back far enough to make blocking a kick with an outside rush difficult. Punts are 14 yards back to give the punter time to kick the ball.

Where does the wide receiver start in football?

Depends on the formation and or play, but most of the time they line up on either the far right, or far left side of the field (not crossing the line of scrimmage).

When you have a wide split out off end and a wide receiver slot than another end on the same side next to the tackle Is the end next to the tackle an elegible receiver?

As far as the NFL is concerned, if both wide receivers are on the same side of the field and on the line of scrimmage, the formation is illegal. There must be 7 players on the line of scrimmage and 3 players on each side of the center. It sounds like your question is describing a situation where there are 4 players on the line of scrimmage on one side of the center and 2 players on the line of scrimmage on the other side of the center. If this is the case, the formation would be deemed illegal and result in a five yard penalty being called against the offense. It is illegal to have a receiver 'covered' by another receiver on the line of scrimmage.

How far do you have to stand back from the line for darts?

2.37 m

How far behind the line of scrimmage can a player go to kneel the ball?

You don't have to be behind the line off scrimmage to kneel the ball. Anytime you kneel a football you are giving up your right to advance it (Though you may not be downed yet). Therefore you can kneel it as far back as you want. If you were on your opponents 5 yard line you could snap the football as the QB and run back 90 yards (perhaps to burn more time) and kneel it then.

How far from line of scrimmage is fg holder?

Lets say its fourth and three from the 30 yard line and a field goal is attempted. The ball will be kicked from the 30 yard line but the ball must travel 47 yards to go through the uprights. The uprights are 17 yards deep in the end zone. So to figure the distance of a field goal attempt just add 17 yards to the line of scrimmage.

How far away do you stand to serve a volleyball?

You should stand behind the line, to serve a volleyball. If you put one of your legs over the line, the serve won't count.

How far behind the line of scrimage does a field goal kicker put the ball behind the line of scrimage?

Typically it's 7 yards. So if the line of scrimmage is on the 35 yard line then you add 7 yards for the kickers depth behind the line and then 10 yards for the depth of the endzone totaling in a 52 yard field goal.

What does AS stand for in baseball?

If you are looking at fielding statistics, it could stand for 'Assists'. If you are looking at yearly statistics and AS is shown as the far right at the end of the line, it could stand for 'All Star'.

On a field goal attempt can a team place the football down beyond the normal 7 yards in order to help prevent blocked kicks?

Yes. There is no rule specifing how far behind the line of scrimmage the kick must take place. Seven yards is usually used as it is the shortest distance behind the line of scrimmage that the kick can take place without fear of it being blocked, if the blockers do their jobs.

What is the difference between a throwaway and intentional grounding?

A throwaway is a pass thrown too far to be caught. Intentional grounding is when a quarterback throws the ball to the ground where no one is around to catch it, usually when still behind the line of scrimmage.

How far away do you have to be to serve in volleyball?

If you are playing on an indoor court than you need to stand just behind the line.

How far do you have to stand back when your playing darts?

7 feet 9.25 inches from the front of the board to the toe line (known as the Oche)

How far away from the net do you have to serve in volleyball?

You just need to stand behind the line at the back of the court. The net is 9 meters (or 29 feet and 5 inches) from the back line.

How far the wall stand on a free kick in soccer?

They have to be at least 10 yards away or on their own goal line between the goal posts.

How far is the attack line on the volleyball court is how far from the center line?

The attack line is 10 feet from the center line.

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How wide is a state line? They are border states so you are able to stand with one foot in on and one foot in the other.

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No. Stand in a cuboid room and consider the line joining the floor and the opposite wall. Line 1: the line joining the floor to the wall on your left. Line 2: the line the far wall to the wall to your right. Both these lines are perpendicular to the first, but they are not in the same plane.

How far should you stand from the golf ball?

Far away.

How do you get past the subway trap on batman arkham city?

You have to have played the game far enough so that you've obtained the Line Launcher, and you also need to have upgraded it so you can stand on the line. When you finish hacking the console in the subway deathtrap, fire the line launcher and stand on the line. Just wait there, the electricity will come on below you, and eventually go off, so you can gather the trophies and exit safely.

How far is a point after touchdown kick?

In the NFL, after a touchdown the ball is placed on the two yard line. In college, the ball is placed at the three yard line. So it's a 19 yard kick in the NFL, 20 yard kick in College. 10 yards for the length of the endzone + 7 yards that the kicker and holder are set up behind the line of scrimmage + 2 yards, for the ball being placed on the 2 yard line(or 3 for college.